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2002 Liquid Force Boards and Bindings


ALL Liquid Force Boards have the following:

Reinforced insert bar with Sealed Inserts
Solid locking platform for bindings, no water seepage into core

Epoxy coated hulls
Retains all the crispness of the original shape
PBT top-sheet
Shiny, durable, looks great

All fins attached with two 1/4-20 screws. (except on Searches) Fins that stay on the board – tight, flush fit at the base

Durable PU foam core. (except on Ultracores --- All BALSA) Strong core, built for abuse

GROMS Series – Squirt 22

The original kids board. The board that has helped groms like Shane Bonifay and Froggy Soven, get to the top. Small, smooth, and packed full of progressive features, the Squirt 22 is a board that will enable smaller riders to comfortably progress to higher performance levels.

Mini Squirt – the original kids board
  • Short and easy to ride
  • Wide waist and tip
  • Increased surface for pop and stability
  • Low volume rails / thinned out deck
  • easier to lay on edge and turn / low swing weight
Size: 121.6 cm x 39.7 cm
MSRP: $250.00
Picture: Mini Squirt

SEARCH Series - 35, 43

Our no frills series, designed for those looking for a simple board that won’t break the bank. Smooth, simple lines are present on these boards. With a lower price tag the Search is definitely the ticket to get any rider out on the water today. Search no further, because these fun-shaped boards will definitely get your behind-the-boat action kicked off.
  • Smooth, User friendly shape in two sizes
  • Stable and easy to turn
  • Shiny PBT top-sheet
  • Great looks with durability
  • 135cm x 41.9cm
  • 143cm x 43.4cm
MSRP: $249.99

RHYTHM Series - 34, 41, 47

Fun, it’s the reason we all wakeboard. The Rhythm series was designed to capture this feeling. For those days of just wanting to slow things down a little bit and play around with the wake, or for those days of learning to ride, the Rhythm is a perfect prescription. Don’t let this idea of fun fool you, though, because the Rhythm is designed with just enough performance features to allow for that needed rush of adrenaline. Nothing too fancy, just clean, smooth lines to let you feel your inner rhythm.

  • two sizes full plane-shape in three sizes / Rounded off tips
  • A shape for every rider / smooth ride, no catch spots, forgiving
  • Single to double concave hull
  • Fast water flow, lets board keep moving on landings
  • 3 stage rocker running through the center
  • Gives stability when cruising, and pop when launching off wake
  • Continuous rocker along the rail line
  • Quick and smooth response when on edge
  • 134.6cm x 42.1cm
  • 141.8cm x 43cm
  • 147cm x 43.5cm

MSRP: $269.99

WOMEN Series – Luscious, Diva (new)

When you’ve got the 2001 Women’s Pro Tour Champion, Emily Copeland, the goodwill ambassador, Tina Bessinger, and the young upstart, Melissa Marquardt on one team, good things are bound to happen. One of these good things is the creation of the strongest line of women’s boards in the world. Tina’s board, the Luscious is the best selling women’s board yet, and we’ve now added some extra punch to our line with Emily’s new model, the Diva.
  • All women series boards feature a softer flex in lamination
  • smoother pop off the wake and softer landings
  • Luscious – Tina Bessinger pro model - 132
  • Easy to spin / lots of pop
  • Diva – Emily Copeland pro model – 134
  • Quad Channel hull with molded-in fins
  • Great hold
  • Center of mass deck, minimal volume at tips
  • Increased board sensitivity, low swing weight
  • Luscious - 132.1cm x 41.8cm
  • Diva - 134.2cm x 42cm

MSRP: Luscious - $299.99 Diva - $329.99

EVOLUTION Series – 128, 134, 138, 142

The Evo is the new series that has our team buzzing. Word is, it even got Thomas Horrell to strap on a pair of bindings. The idea was to design a faster more performance oriented Rhythm. What it turned into was one of our best boards yet. The team has been claiming this to be the most versatile board we’ve designed. Super smooth, super fast, and super energized. The wakeboard has definitely evolved over the years, and this is the next phase.
  • New rounded diamond tail shape
  • Catch-free full tip, lots of lift off of either edge
  • Quad channel hull with molded-in fins
  • Unbelievable hold and tracking
  • 3 stage rocker through the center / Continuous rocker along the rail line
  • Speed when cruising with extra pop off the wake
  • Quick and smooth response when on edge
  • Smooth, subtle single concave through center
  • Provides lift, allows board to slide in neutral position
  • Center of mass deck, minimal volume at tips
  • Increased board sensitivity, low swing weight
  • Shallow long base center fins (128, 134 – LBF1.2; 138, 142 – LBF1.5)
  • Great edging with the ability to slide on demand without snagging
  • 128.7cm x 40.6cm
  • 134.2cm x 42cm
  • 138.4cm x 42.7cm
  • 142.2cm x 43.3cm

MSRP: $339.99

GRIND Series (new) – 34 – more to come

Our team has been sliding for years now, so it’s about time we’ve figured out how to make their boards last longer. The grind series is our first series designed to protect your ride from the wear and tear of obstacles. While you may never go to the Projects in Orlando to slide with Shane, Leatherman, or the rest of the crew, you can definitely get rails built in your own backyard. The Grind series is simple, with a sintered base that protects the board, but it’s this design that has withstood the rigors our team has put it through. Put it through your own test.
  • Durable sintered P-tex bottom
  • A board built for sliding
  • Low profile, long base fin
  • Provides hold without hanging up on sliders
  • Hull slides across rails with less friction
  • Longer, more controlled slides, less eats
Size: 134.6cm x 42.1cm
MSRP: $349.99
Picture: Grind 134

TRIP Series - 28, 33.5, 38, 43

Arguably the most successful board series in wakeboarding ever. The Trip was Gregg and Jimmy’s brainchild, and expanded into our most popular and talked about series. The Trip’s have changed the way that people think about board design, forever. The fin configuration, bottom concaves, and outline have been blended perfectly to create the most dynamic board the world has grown to love.
  • The family of boards that started the multi fin revolution
  • Now at a lower price for 2002
  • Unique, Patented canted side fins
  • Side fin angle for extra hold on edge, but a loose feel when neutral. The more you put the board on edge, the bigger the fin gets
  • Asymmetrical outer fin foil
  • Reduces cavitation and makes fin and board faster
  • Batwing tail shape
  • Gives full tail outline without sacrificing hold
  • Single to double concave hull with V bottom
  • Makes board turn quickly, allows board to roll onto edge easily
  • Pinched low volume rails
  • Easy to put on edge, quick initiation of turns
  • Multiple board sizes / Multiple fin sizes (Center - 1.2, 1.5 ; Side – 0.7, 1.0)
  • A trip for every sized tripper / can tune to suit style and conditions
  • 128.8cm x 42.1cm
  • 133.6cm x 42.5cm
  • 138.4cm x 43.5cm
  • 143cm x 43.9cm

MSRP: $399.99

HELIX Series – 134 (new), 139, 139 LB

The Shawn Watson quiver of wakeboards

The Helix is not your ordinary wakeboard. Designed for those riders with a different style of riding. Shawn Watson is this type of rider, and his Helix’s have allowed his riding to explode on to the scene. The Helix requires precise edging with a tail-heavy approach to the wake. It’s our most unique and wild ride, and many have sworn by it. Huge lift, smooth transitions up the wake, and a soft feel allow riders like Shawn to take their Helix and their riding to the upper deck.
  • 134 and 139 Long Base model (new) / 139 finless design
  • Removable center fin allows rider to tune board to needs
  • 139 finless - The ultimate board for smooth water and/or sliders
  • Three stage rocker running throughout board
  • Lots of pop when driven off the tail, controlled sliding in neutral
  • Deep, deep side channels running out ends of board
  • Gives driving hold, bury the tail and go
  • Winged Bat-tail shape
  • Provides pop off wake, gives deep hold in cuts
  • 134.4cm x 42.7cm
  • 139.3 x 43.3

MSRP: $369.99

BALANCE Series – 135, 140

The new Gregg Necrason pro model

This is Gregg’s 3rd pro model, and after 6 years of working with Jimmy Redmon he’s grown very particular about what he wants. The goal with this series was to make a board that could turn and edge harder and faster than his Trip. While doing this, he didn’t want to take away from the amount of lift off the wake that he gets, or take away the ability to break it loose when needed. Gregg’s had the most to do with the progression of our boards over the years, and this series is no different, as it will bring control and balance to your attack.
  • Six fins; winged - scalloped bat tail shape
  • The evolution of the trip – faster w/ more lift
  • New patented curved side fins
  • Superior hold with less drag
  • Deep six channel hull
  • Accelerating Speed and drive out of turns
  • 3-stage rocker
  • Neutral through center for sliding; increased pop off the tail
  • 135cm x 42.5cm
  • 140.3cm x 43.3cm

MSRP: $479.99
Picture: Balance 135

SUBJEKT Series – 132, 137

The new Shane Bonifay pro model

Arguably the most publicized and talked about rider in 2001, it’s hard to believe that Shane is just barely 18. It’s also hard to believe that he’s had a signature board with us for the last 4 years. When he and Jimmy went to the drawing board this year to work on the new Subjekt, they had a definite goal in mind. They wanted a board that would stand up to the sliders without losing the performance features of the Trip. The concept they designed is perhaps our wildest and most advanced yet. This new series was designed to match Shane’s style of riding, and it should bring you closer to his frame of mind.
  • Winged, scalloped swallow tail
  • Creates insane speed out of turns
  • New patented long, cupped side fins
  • “Cupping” effect gives superior hold with less drag. It allows a smaller fin to be used. Cupping the fin enables us to use a smaller fin which holds as well as a bigger fin. In turn, using a smaller fin reduces drag to a minimum.
  • Deep four channel hull that exits out the scalloped swallow tail
  • Maximizes the hold and drive of the quad fin setup.
  • Creates insane speed out of turns
  • 3-stage rocker / lifted rail line
  • Increased pop off the tail, great for sliding / no rail hang-ups. The rail is actually not at the bottom of the board. There’s a slight bevel to the rail, which creates a smoother contact point with sliders.
  • 132.6cm x 42.2cm
  • 137.4cm x 43.3cm

MSRP: $479.99
Picture: Subjekt 132

ULTRACORE Series – Trip 33.5, 38

The future of performance wakeboards

The lightest, liveliest boards to come out of any wakeboard test room. Ultra Core is the most advanced core to hit the wakeboarding world since the introduction of compression molded boards. Balsa wood not only creates the lightest boards available, it makes the boards come alive. Lighter, and livelier. Wood is good.
  • The lightest boards ever built
  • Unbelievable performance
  • Precision milled Balsa core
  • Flex that feels alive
  • Snaps out of turns, springs off the wake, lands softer
  • Unique internal dampening system
  • Disperses the shock on landings
  • 133.6cm x 42.5cm
  • 138.4cm x 43.5cm



ALL NEW Liquid Force Bindings have the following:

New footpads / new orthotics / memory foam (high end)

Unreal cushioning and support / great fit / no more heel bruises

Built in forward lean to minimize risk of knee injuries
-raised arch support
-Patented thermally fused Elasticized

Polyethylene toe and heel
-Stiff, Lightweight support

Patented Nylon Heel Loop System
-Extra pull for entering boot

Corrugated baseplate
-Adds stiffness, keeps bindings flat with board

3-D Molded Overlays
-Stronger with great looks

DEEP Suctions

Our version of a snowboard boot. Plenty of support, forward lean, adjustments, and comfort. The Deep Suction is perfect for the rider looking to take their snow talents to the water.
  • Ratchet tightening system
  • Ease of adjustment, secure fit
  • Redesigned, improved Power Strap
  • Ultimate in comfort and support at upper ankle
  • Ultra front foot Wrap
  • Total foot comfort, no pressure points, high support
  • Wide entry point with sturdy, nylon pull-straps
  • Ease of entry and exit into binding
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL
MSRP: $199.99
Picture: Deep Suction

PRO LS Suction

Open wide and cinch down tight. That’s the premise behind these proven bindings. The Pro Suction gives the rider the feeling of control. Lock em down as tight as you want, then loosen the laces to come in or out with ease. The combination of the laces and the proven Pro-Suction wrap make this one of the best performing and convenient bindings available.
  • Rear lace heel unit
  • Ease of entry / secure closure
  • Adjustable sleek hardware
  • Allows quick adjusting without taking apart the entire binding
  • Dual Nylon Pullstraps
  • Extra pulling power for easy entry
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL
MSRP: $299.99
Picture: Pro LS Suction

HIGH Suction

Plenty of support and comfort is offered in this lightweight foam binding. Consider it the younger sibling of the Super Suction. The High Suction is a great way to start the boot binding experience. Easy to get into, yet still providing plenty of hold for those times it’s needed. Not too fancy, but not too expensive. This binding is sure to please your feet and your wallet at the same time.
  • New comfort sizing
  • Entry level boot binding
  • Softer durometer overlay
  • Snug, not tight fit
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL
MSRP: $129.99
Picture: High Suction

SPEED Suction

For those kind souls that like to share, we’ve come up with the best fitting, most adjustable boot binding money can buy. Not everybody needs their own top of the line, sports car like pair of bindings, and for those wanting to have a pair of quality entry level boots to share, the Speed Suction is tough to beat.
  • Adjustable front lace
  • Simple and secure
  • One size fits all
  • Share this binding with a boatload of friends
Sizes: One size fits all
MSRP: $169.99
Picture: Speed Suction

EZ Suction

The name says it all. These boots are EZ in, EZ out. A high wrap supportive adjustable binding that doesn’t skimp on features or on convenience. This boot is for the rider that’s inching one step closer to the top performance level, yet still wants to share a pair of boots with their friend.
  • Mid level Front lace with floating tongue
  • Ease of entry with comfort and support
  • Available in 2 sizes – sm/MD, lg/xl
  • Solid support with truer fit
Sizes: Sm/Med, Lg/XL
MSRP: 189.99
Picture: EZ Suction

SUPER Suction

The original lightweight EVA foam binding is still running strong after all these years. The boot that changed the world of bindings forever is back this year with a new foot-bed, softer foam, and better hardware. Not too fancy, just a good, lightweight, snug-fitting binding. The Super Suction is the standard that all other basic boots have been and will continue to be measured against.
  • The first boot binding to use lightweight materials
  • Performance pro level boot without the weight
  • Softer, molded 3D high wrap overlay
  • Secure fit and comfort
  • New footpad design with superior orothotics
  • Protects heels on landings / more support
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL
MSRP: $219.99
Picture: Super Suction

FLEX Suction

As our sport has grown, our tastes have as well. Bindings need to not only perform well, but also be comfortable and easy to get into. The days of pain associated with bindings are a thing of the past, as the Flex is the answer to comfortable high performance. With our new foot-bed, and the front-lace system, this boot is guaranteed to meet your comfort needs while ruling in the realm of performance.
  • Performance front lace boot binding
  • Tighten up and go
  • Size specific fit
  • Truer, tighter feel
  • New footpad design with memory foam inserts
  • Great support with superior cushioning
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL
MSRP: $249.99
Picture: Flex Suction

ULTRA Suction

People often ask us why so many of our team riders are still riding the Ultra Suctions after all these years. The answer is very simple. These bindings are the most comfortable, and most supportive bindings in the market. The Ultra wrap and material enabled us to create the most proven, revolutionary design the world had seen, and it still holds this title today. With plenty of new improvements in the 2002 model, the Ultra is guaranteed to continue to be a fan favorite.
  • The ultimate, lightweight high wrap performance boot binding
  • The binding of choice for more riders than anything else
  • New footpad design with memory foam inserts
  • Six years is enough for the first footpad
  • Double Ultra Wrap – underlay and overlay
  • Complete, secure foot comfort, no pressure points, great support
  • X-ray overlay
  • Allows for stretch with 100% rebound
  • Easy Adjustable sleek hardware
  • Allows quick adjusting without taking apart the entire binding
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL
MSRP: $269.99
Picture: Ultra Suction

EXO Suction

We don’t all have perfect feet, so it makes sense that we offer a binding that adjusts with some of our imperfections. In the past, bindings have only been designed to adjust to the length of the rider’s foot. With the release of the EXO Suction binding, we’ve come up with a moldable wrap and overlay system that allows the rider to adjust tightness at all points of the foot. No more pressure points, just solid, comfortable hold.
  • Unique rear-lace fully encased exo-wrap
  • Solid heel hold down with ability to flex
  • No need for power straps
  • Performance rear lace boot binding
  • Tight, solid feel
  • New exo-skeleton toe overlay
  • Four points of adjustment
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL
MSRP: $299.99
Picture: Exo Suction

Cassettes- Micro, Boombox, Headphones, VHS

Grip Tape and Foam Grip

It was a simple idea, yet Thomas Horrell’s idea of making a true skate for the water is what enabled the sport of wakeskating to take off. Grip tape and wood, that’s all it was, but these decks have made perhaps the biggest impact and change our sport has experienced to date. Wakeskating is the future and if the Cassette crew has anything to do with it, it’s going to be exciting. There will be many imitators, but there will always only be one Cassette.
  • 9 Ply Wood Decks
  • Stiff deck for maximum ollie pop.
  • True skate feel.
  • Less buoyant than foam, therefore sits lower in water and tracks better during edging.
  • Marine Epoxy outer seal
  • Keeps deck true to it’s form.
  • Prevents warpage and damage to the wood.
  • Grip Tape decking surface
  • Maximum grip, minimal weight.
  • True skate grip. Feet stick to deck.
  • Foam Grip decking surface
  • Safe and thin. Use with shoes, or bare-feet.
  • Safest gripping performance.
  • 3 stage rocker
  • Flat-spot creates slow centered neutral handling point on board for initiating maneuvers like shuvits.
  • Transition from center stage to kick stage creates quick snap for ollie pop off the water
  • Exaggerated kick nose and tails
  • Enables skater to flick ollies like they would on a skateboard, and creates abrupt transition from center to kick.
  • Squared off nose and tail
  • Cleanest release off the water.
  • Maximizes tail area for best pop in ollies.
  • Rounded/ Half-Domed rails
  • Smooth tracking while on edge.
  • Rolls through rough water smoothly.
  • 1.25” Iso-plast roundhouse fin keeps board straight on ollies and helps skater track on landings.
Sizes: 40", 41", 43", 45"

* Cassettes come in Grip Tape and Soft Grip in all sizes*

Visit to find out more information about these products.

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