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Tige's Innovative Format Adopted By Pro Wakeboard Tours
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ABILENE, TEXAS – April 11, 2005 – Upon reviewing the success and feedback from the top wakeboarders in the world, the unique, head-to-head format finals that Tigé first instituted at the 2004 Tigé U.S. OPEN on November 13-14 in Kauai, Hawaii, is becoming an industry standard.

The Australian Pro Wakeboard Tour instituted the head-to-head finals format for the final rounds of its five events in January and February. The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, a five-event circuit, will implement the format in each of its competitions this summer.

The ’04 Tigé U.S. OPEN was the very first wakeboarding event to feature a head-to-head finals format. In the format, the eight wakeboarders with the highest scores in the semifinals move into a rider bracket system of elimination. The riders paired together compete, with the loser facing elimination. Eventually, a two-man battle decides the winner of the competition. The new format promises a lot more riding and excitement.

“The 2004 Tigé U.S. OPEN was the best event of the year for the riders,” remarked Nick Weinacker, TeamTigé wakeboarder and Pro Wakeboard Tour announcer. “Tigé demonstrated how a tournament should be run. The head-to-head format was awesome. The riders who made it through to the finals got to ride a lot which is different from every other event. The overall atmosphere made every rider want to ride beyond his expectations. Tigé has really set itself apart by catering to the riders’ desires the way they do.”

Tigé Boats Inc. is headquartered in Abilene, Texas, where it manufactures eight direct drive and sport V inboard models ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length. Each boat features the patented Tigé ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technology. All are backed by the Tigé LifePlus lifetime replacement warranty, the only replacement warranty in the industry. Tigé has more than 80 dealers in 10 countries.

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