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Liquid Force starts shipping Subjekt
Liquid Force Press Release

Shane Bonifay’s highly anticipated new board, the Subjekt, is here. The Subjekt has been pumping through the Liquid Force production line and will be in shops within the next two weeks.

Shane’s board was one of the most talked about products at this year’s Expo and dealers have anxiously been waiting its arrival. The first boards to ship will be the 132 size, and a 137 will follow shortly. Shane has arguably been the most publicized and talked about rider in 2001, so it’s no wonder his board would create such a buzz. Besides being Shane’s board, the Subjekt also brings some of the wildest and most innovative design features to the plate.

The most noticeable of these innovative design features are those found in the four fins. Shane has ridden his Trip 28 with just the outside fins for the past 2 years because it allows him to get a looser feel than the stock Trip. It also helps him do maneuvers like Nose presses easier, with nothing in the center to hang up on the rail. While his 4-fin setup held well enough for him edging into the wake, it was missing a little drive and was utilizing fins that Shane thought were too big. What Jimmy Redmon has created for the Subjekt is the perfect fin for Shane’s style of riding.

“Shane wanted a small fin that would still let him edge hard so I built him a shallow, long base side fin with a “cupped” inside surface,” states LF Design Guru Jimmy Redmon. “What we’ve found from using this fin on a wakeboard is that the “cupping” effect gives superior hold with less drag. Basically it allows us to use a smaller fin that holds as well as a bigger fin. For guys like Shane that are killing it on sliders, a smaller fin is key. The small fin doesn’t get in the way like a standard sized fin. More importantly for the average rider is the fact that the cupping effect enables the small fin to hold more water than most fins twice it’s size. It’s like using a curved tortilla chip vs. a flat tortilla chip in bean dip. The curved chip is not only going to hold more dip, but it’s also going to be stronger.”

Look for the Subjekt 132 and 137 to be in shops by November. For more info, check out, or call 760-754-5585

  • Winged, scalloped swallow tail - Creates insane speed out of turns
  • New patented long, cupped side fins - “Cupping” effect gives superior hold with less drag. It allows a smaller fin to be used. Cupping the fin enables us to use a smaller fin which holds as well as a bigger fin. In turn, using a smaller fin reduces drag to a minimum.
  • Deep four channel hull that exits out the scalloped swallow tail - Maximizes the hold and drive of the quad fin setup. Creates insane speed out of turns.
  • 3-stage rocker/lifted rail line - Increased pop off the tail, great for sliding/no rail hang-ups. The rail is actually not at the bottom of the board. There’s a slight bevel to the rail, which creates a smoother contact point with sliders.


Subjekt 132:
Length - 52.2”/132.6 cm
Width - 16.6”/ 42.2 cm
Rocker - 2.3”/ 5.7 cm
Rider Weight - 90 to 180 lbs.

Subjket 137:
Length - 54.1”/137.4 cm
Width - 17.1”/43.3 cm
Rocker - 2.4”/ 6.1 cm
Rider Weight - 110-200+ lbs.

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