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Liquid Force: The Truth Volume 4
It's been a busy week here's your weekly dose of "The Truth". Another edition of news, notes, and happenings involving our team and the company we call Liquid Force.

First off, we'd like to welcome the newest members to the team. Jaret Brantley, from Redding, CA and Patrick Cerney from Boulder, CO (originally Kansas City, Kansas) will be doing split duty as pilots of this season's rolling demo, The Trip Across America 5. Jaret will do the first half of the tour and Patrick will assume the duties starting in July.

Jaret has been a sponsored rider for many years and recently returned from a pilgrimage to Florida riding with the "in crowd” in the wakeboard world. He worked at Performance Ski and Surf for a while, and has always been excited to support the wakeboarding cause. He will be a great fit as Pilot #1 on the TAA5.

Patrick, will be graduating from the University of Colorado in the spring, and will be ready to take over the piloting duties in July. He's been involved in the industry from the retail level for many years, having spent some time working at Sitzmark Sports in Kansas City, before moving to Colorado. More recently, he has come on board with LF as a tech rep for Jamie Brace, covering Colorado. He's ready to travel the US and share the wakeboard experience with all he meets up with.

For more details on the TAA5 including sponsors, schedule, or updates, please check out

Speaking of the RV, check out the attached image of the TAA5 RV Graphic. It's still in the preliminary stages, but you get the general idea. This thing is going to be very noticeable rolling down the road with its black and Green Wakesetter LSV rolling close behind. It'll be a "Monster” of a rig!


Next up in breaking Pro Rider news, the mystery man that I spoke of last week and the newest pro to be riding LF is none other than the most successful tournament wakeboarder of all time, Yep that's right, Darin Shapiro. Darin will be riding LF gear all season and had the following to say when asked about his new situation, ”I am really excited being able to ride Liquid Force products and be associated with such a great a team. It is great to work with Jimmy Redmon and Tony Finn. I've known those guys forever and really respect what they have done for the sport.” He will be riding the Team 39 and Fish 29, with a pair of Transits. Darin's wakeboard camp,, will also feature LF products all summer. If you're looking to ride the best wakeboard product in the world, and get coached by the most successful wakeboarder in the world, we'd suggest you check out his camp.

Also in team news, Shawn Watson and Shane Bonifay teamed up with Monster Energy Drink, inking long term deals. Monster, who is also a presenting sponsor of the Trip Across America 5, is making a big push in the wakeboard world. Watson and Shane were each picked to represent Monster because of their creativity, and ability to push the limits of what can be done on a wakeboard. Looks like they'll both have plenty of energy to win the tour titles this season!

Monster Energy Drink

Ben Greenwood is also in the news this week. This guy is on a roll these days. Not only has he landed his roll as rider/team manager with Quiksilver, he's just landed a new shop sponsor, as well. Ben has joined Glass and Powder Board Shop and will be helping Scott and the crew with demos and promotion throughout the summer. For more details, check out

In Regional Team News, check out the attached sequences of South-East ripper Adam Fields putting the Fish to good use. Thanks for the sequences and please send us more!

Adam Fields

In video news, Justin Stephens and the LF Films crew have been hard at work in the Orlando area this week. Justin's been filming Shane, Shawn, Ben, Colin, Kevin, Tino, Philip and the others all week, wrapping up his last piece of film work for the upcoming release of "Encore”. After speaking with Josh Letchworth who was on hand to capture the stills of the today's action, we can't wait to see the footage. In his words, "Today was unreal… Justin's newest camera/toy is insane! The footage was really wild…. You'll be blown away.” Encore will be released to the world on May 15^th … for more info, check out, or

In Local San Diego News, our good friend Josh Cantor has recently purchased the California Watersports facility at Snug Harbor. Josh, the Captain of last years TAA, sees big things in its future. The marina is located at the famous Carlsbad Lagoon, and will soon become, in Josh's words… "The coolest place to wakeboard in the world!” He will have wakeboard lessons, watercraft rental, a beach to hang out on, and a pro-shop, powered by Wakesports Unlimited. For more details, check out the article written by long time Lagoon local, Keith Kipp, on Alliance Magazine's website.

Last but not least, we figured you'd all like to see our newest team rider as he's being welcomed to the team by Shawn Watson in a recent visit to the Encinitas LF office. In his own words, check out Bob Archer, the "stoked” rider on the right! Shawn was in town working on his 06 gear with Jimmy, Scott, and Ray, and Bob was in town hanging out with his friends at LF.

Shawn Watson and Bob Archer

That's it for now. Check back next week for another edition of "The Truth”. It's shaping up to be a warm week in Encinitas. Time for us to get the new Malibu's in the water and have some fun!

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