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New Structure for Texas FreeZride
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With just a little over a week until FreeZride, TSR is definitely ready to start the 2005 wakeboard season. TSR has just completed the newest and biggest structure on our cable lake. During the offseason we tore down our existing A-frame and completely rebuilt it with the addition of a 9 ft wide box attached to the side, perfect for transferring from one to the other. Liquid Force and TSR worked together to create something new and different for the riders. The difference between this structure and most others, is that the entire structure is built on 4x4 posts driven into the ground. This is different than floating structures because there is no give at all as the rider hits it. Look for some of the best riders in the area to put the ramp through the test at the FreeZride tournament on Feb 26th & 27th at TSR.

The tournaments will be on the cable lake and boat lake on Saturday with divisions for open wakeboard and wakeskate. A skateboard tournament will be held on Sunday. The weekend will also include live music, a fashion show, and a hot air balloon event. As always the Skatepark, Cablelake, Rockwall and Motocross track will be open to the public when tournaments are not using the venues. Take this opportunity to see the best riders in Texas hit the new structure, or bring your board and try it for yourself.


Morning - Hot Air Balloon event (weather permitting)
Noon-9pm - Free Admission to the Skatepark
(Does not include rentals)
Noon-9pm - RockWall Open - $5 for 2 climbs
Noon-Dark - Cable Lake Open to Public
Evening - Hot Air Balloon event (weather permitting)

Morning - Hot Air Balloon event (weather permitting)
10am-9pm - SkatePark & RockWall Open to Public
10am-3:30 - CableLake Open to Public
10am-5pm - MotoCross Track Open
Noon - Spring Fashion Show
1:00 pm - WakeSkate Comp on the BoatLake
2:00 pm - WakeBoard Comp on the BoatLake
3:30 pm - ParaMoter Freestyle Exhibition
4:00 pm - Adv Wakeboard Division Cable Lake
4:30 pm - WakeSkate Cable Lake
5:00 pm - Pro WakeBoard CableLake
Evening - Hot Air Balloon event (weather permitting)
Evening - Live Music
Evening - Awards for Wake Events

Morning - Hot Air Balloon event (weather permitting)
10am-5pm - MotoCross Track Open
10am–Dark - Cable Lake open to public
2:00 pm - Skateboard Competition Beg, Int, then Sponsored

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