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The Book DVD Set Is Now Available
The Book DVD(Clermont, FL, USA) “The Book” Wakeboard Instructional DVD series is now available. “The Book” was a collaborative effort from The Wakeboard Camp, it¹s coaches, Kyle Schmidt, Ben Greenwood, Kurt Robertson, Mike McLin and PJ Marks, Wakeboarding Magazine and McLin Digital.

“This series has been a long time coming” said Wakeboard Camp Owner, PJ Marks. “People have been asking us to put our collective knowledge down on tape for years and it was finally the right time. So we got together with Mike McLin and decided to use his skills in a way that would really help us illustrate points that could never be shown before using conventional methods.”

Features include split screens comparing trampoline and on water tricks, different camera angles and regular and switch versions of each trick. Multiple audio tracks let you hear different coaches giving their spin on the same trick. We also used 3D digital animation and green screens to show hard to illustrate concepts. Also, many exclusive coaching techniques developed at The Wakeboard Camp are seen here for the first time outside of the camp.

Shot mostly at The Wakeboard Camp, the world leader in wakeboarding instruction, over a twelve month period, this instructional is absolutely the most comprehensive wakeboarding instructional ever. There is almost 9 hours of content including everything you could possibly want to know about the sport including equipment, boat driving, how to get started, riding basics, spins, inverts and advanced moves. This series is longer than every other instructional on the market, put together.

Other riders include Aaron Reed, Joey Arcisz, Keith Lyman, Amber Wing, Andrew Adkison, Cathy Williams, Jeff Weatherall, Bo Burton, Philip Combs and Gerry Nunn.

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