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Malibu Boats Builds Elements Of Excellence In A Web Site

Merced, CA - Just like each Malibu boat that rolls off of the factory floor, the 2005 Malibu Boats Web Site is statement in efficiency and style. The 2005 web site has been redesigned to be all it can be for existing and potential Malibu customers. If water sports boat enthusiasts are looking for easy access to detailed Malibu information
the 2005 Malibu Boats Web Site is the place.

An intuitive navigation structure was developed for this new web site to get Malibu Boats information seekers to the images, files and descriptions they desire in one or two clicks. This convenient navigation is accompanied by a beautifully fast graphical design and complete Malibu information overload.

The unassuming design of the new Malibu Boats Web Site allows Malibu newbies and veterans alike to find and retain the information they need. Malibu Boats does not expect web site viewers to be able to choose a Malibu model based on a name. 2005 models are displayed along side one another in detail. This gives viewers the opportunity to narrow their model choice and then proceed to even more detailed information on that model.

Overhead and straight profile views for each model are a big addition to the site this year. While Malibu Boats photography is always beautiful, sometimes lifestyle shots are not as descriptive as a simple overhead or profile view. Malibu realized this after querying a number of Malibu boat owners and designed the 2005 web site to accommodate their requests.

The 2005 Malibu Web Site also offers quick and easy access to the new iSpec boat building program, Malibu boat owner photos and profiles, a dealer locator, videos, downloadable brochure, comparable features and options, Team Malibu athletes, event information, and much more.

Visit today and see for yourself. By the way, Malibu Boats is always looking to go a step beyond, so feel free to e-mail them with your comments. The web site design team at Malibu is already planning some exciting additions based on some suggestions received.

For further information, contact one of the following:
Amy L. Mauzy
(209) 383-7469 ext. 356

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