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Cable Nationals to be held at OWC
The first U.S. Cable Wakeboard Nationals will take place on November 10 and 11 in Orlando, Florida. The event will be hosted by the Orlando Watersports Complex and will be an AWA sanctioned tournament.

Everyone is welcomed to enter. The divisions are: Jr.Boys/girls, Boys/Girls,Jr.Men/Girls, Amateur men/women, Open men/women, Masters and Wakeskate.

Entry fee is $40. Everyone who enters must be a member of the AWA or may join for a limited time for $10.

The competition will include all the OWC Sliders and will be held at the small cable.


Saturday, 10.November:
8 a.m. Practice
1 p.m. Preliminaries
7 p.m. Wakeboard Party

Sunday, 11. November:
9 a.m. Semi Finals
1 p.m. Finals

The official website it, for questions please call (407) 251-3100.

Cable Nationals

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