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Fill In The Blanks DVD Released
Sidewayz is proud to announce the up coming release of Fill in the Blanks, the first all wakeskate film from Sidewayz set to hit shelves Nov.20th 2004.

From under the wing of renowned wake film maker Ronn Sidenglanz spawns Sidewayz newest talent Kyle Conrad, director and creator of FITB. FITB showcases the most talented and most complete group of wakeskaters to appear in a single film and showcases the massive progression in wakeskating during 2004. Shot on location throughout Florida, California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico.

Phillip Basino's section starts off the video with a fresh wakeskating vibe. Phillip was 2004 Pro Wakeboard Tour wakeskate champ, so as you might expect, he delivers an impressive opening for Fill in the Blanks. His section is finished off by an impressive three trick combo taking both frontside and backside 180s as well as a backside 360 wake-to-wake and all linked up!

Leif Erkkila makes his presence in this video known by going off on some west side rail winching. Add in great scenes form Mexico and you will realize Leifis laid back style is par to none.

As the first Cassette team section rolls, motivation and inspiration hit while watching Thomas kickflipping over docks, and Aaron and Danny killing it all over. Known for their tight knit team efforts, Cassette comes through again with style and skating that canit be duplicated by any other team on the scene. This is a favorite section in the movie as the artistic elements blend together with the riding beautifully.

Byerly's first ever all wakeskate contest, The Toe Jam, was a favorite of all the riders. Brian Grubb said it is the best contest he has ever been to and the Toe Jam section shows the highest caliber of wakeskating around in 2004 and ends with the night slider winch contest.

Erich Schmaltz, one of the unknown Godfathers of the sport, created the Integrity section which brings another dimension into this eccentric magnum opus. Here you get to see Ryan Lemons hard flip showcased in this first cinematic look into the extraordinary presence of Integrity.

An appearance and original music by Corban Eldra were arranged specially for the film. This up and coming indie band from Oklahoma is gaining notarity from coast to coast in the U.S. and just happens to be good friends of Kyle Conrad. The music and live show edits give this film the depth that explores all facets of culture surrounding the sport.

If pure wakeskating is what you want then FITB brings it to you with unprecedented sections such as Clint Tompkins debut. With more flip tricks than you can shake a stick at, Clintis riding takes things to another level. 10 foot kicker k-flips and huge inside out varial flips will leave your jaw looking for the floor.

George Daniels does the job of closing the video out quite well. With a fast pace feel and technical skating thrown everywhere, George shows you a glimpse of the future with both frontside and backside flips!

From the first DVD menu to the last line of the credits, Fill in the Blanks is excellent. This will be the wakeskating standard.

Check out the teaser in the Sidewayz film guide:

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