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2004 Centurion World Wakesurfing Championship Results
Wakesurfing ChampionshipEntering the finals of the open men’s division of the 2004 World Wakesurfing Championships presented by Centurion Boats, last years World Champion had a tough task ahead. In 2003 Drew Danielo came into the World Championships as an underdog and virtual unknown in the towed watersports world and took the World title by showcasing his skim/skateboard maneuvers on the never ending wakesurf wave. 2004 was no different as Danielo repeated his talent, but this time as a known professional wakesurfer and also as the reigning World Wakesurfing Champion. For Drew, the popularity of wakesurfing spawned a vast amount of competition from his original domain, the sport of Skimboarding.

With top skimboarders like Brandon Sears, Paulo Prietto, Jamie Lovett, and Bill Bryan (The 17 time World Skimboarding Champion), Danielo knew his work was cut out for him and he had to perform even better than last year. On top of this, his key competitor from the year before, Colin Harrington, soared into the finals as well looking to advance from “Runner-Up” to the title of World Wakesurf Champion.

“I just have to go out and have fun,“ said Danielo. “ In the prelims I went in as the champion and performed poorly thinking I had to shock and awe everyone. I have something to prove in the finals here but I have to let go and just have fun.”

That Danielo did as he left the pier at Boardstock 2004, fired up about a huge semi-final performance that bounced him high into the finals. Kick Flips, Spins, Pop Shoveits, and a whole arsenal of tricks including a mid-run wakeurf board transfer let the crowd know Danielo was serious about defending his title. But the day was not over and the title was not his to hold yet.

Bill Bryan, also of skimboarding fame, came off the dock next and dazzled the crowd with his champion caliber thrashing of the wave. Showing that he was all business as well, Bryan took to the water nailing trick after trick.

“That was the most fun I have had in a long time,“ explained Bryan. “I love how you can go out and ride this never ending wave. We will see how I did.”

But the final two riders were still to come. Next in the water was last years runner up, Colin Harrington. He used the knowledge he has acquired from years of surfing, wakeskating, and riding on the professional wakeboarding tour to his advantage. Using a different style than the skimboarders, Harrington made the wake his own and matched the performance by Danielo and Bryan. But one last competitor stood in their way and that was Jamie Lovett from the world of Skimboarding.

Only 17 years old, Jamie has climbed his way to the top of the skimboarding world and now was testing the waters in wakesurfing. Jamie took to the water with his charismatic attitude and the chance of being a World Champion on his mind. Jamie nailed trick after trick on his two passes back and forth in the Boardstock arena. A toss of his hat into the crowd and one pop shoveit later Jamie was set up for his last and final trick as he spun like a top 360 degrees four times without hesitation and stood up in his final pass to claim the title as the 2004 World Wakesurfing Champion.

“I am so stoked, this is amazing,” rejoiced Lovett. “This is the best event I have ever been too. This is so crazy I am just in shock right now but I love it.”

Rounding out the top five were Drew Danielo and Colin Harrington who shared the number two spot. Bill Bryan came in a close third place just behind Danielo and Harrington, and Brandon Sears and Paulo Prieto finished forth and fifth respectively.

Centurion Boats would like to thank all of the athletes of the World Wakesurfing Championships, both professional and amateur. In addition all of the great sponsors and the City of Stockton. Full results of the open and amateur divisions of the World Wakesurfing Championships are listed below.

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