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Off Kilter Announces Flatline Wakeskate Video
Off Kilter Productions is stoked to announce the arrival of their first full length wakeskating DVD. The video, entitled Flatline, is a collaboration of up and coming amateur and pro wakeskaters fused with
the sounds of emerging musicians and unsigned bands.

Flatline will feature the skills of Justin Scott, Drew Daniello, Chase Gregory, and Greg Wagnen and more. There is not another film and video production company on the scene that has been so serious and dedicated to remaining on the forefront and cutting edge of the wakeskating community, as Off
Kilter Productions.

Though a close relationship with Conxion Clothing Company, 913 Productions, EpicCam, and a new bond with,, and, Off Kilter is poised to forge new alliances with the best emerging skaters on the water.

Off Kilter is headed up by Jimmy Scott and Nick Gulick from Venice, FL. Both have been instrumental in supporting the booming wakeskate scene since its evolution and inception in the last few years. Off Kilter shares its international headquarters with Conxion Clothing Company in Tampa, FL.

Preorders for Flatline will be available soon through the Conxion Clothing website,

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