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Correct Craft Wins Best Booth Award At Surf Expo

ORLANDO, FL — Correct Craft surprised the whole wakeboard industry with their awesome booth display—an actual 60-foot dock. Surf Expo was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida September 17th–19th.

Correct Craft was awarded the “Surf Expo Best Booth Award 2–3 Booths.” Criteria was based on uniqueness, appeal and attention-grabbing potential (how booth design draws an attendee into the booth, how the booth design displays the product and overall use of space). The marketing team at Correct Craft devised this great idea with a goal toward making a greater
presence at these types of shows. The booth housed an Air Nautique 226 and a Super Air Nautique 210 with a dock built around the boats. And if that’s not enough, a 15’x60’ photo banner of the “Godfather of Wakeboarding,” Scott Byerly, was hung from the ceiling as a backdrop. The dock setup included outdoor patio furniture, two televisions, a grill and remotecontrolled
model boats of the Air 206 and Super Air 210 from NKOK, Inc. Byerly autographed miniature posters of the same backdrop photo.

Correct Craft thanks all the dealers and sales reps who came from out of town to attend the tradeshow and support the booth. Thanks to our NKOK reps, Andy Tanaka and Joe Ochoa for being at Surf Expo to represent the remote-controlled boats. “Dock Dave” Draper is the man who made the dock and Correct Craft thanks him for all his hard work.

Celebrating 80 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a familyowned manufacturer of world-famous wakeboard, waterski, and recreational boats. Correct Craft, Inc., a Florida-based company, is known for leading the industry in technology and
innovative hull designs.

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