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Skier’s Choice, Inc. Announces 2005 Moomba Towboat Lineup

Skiers Choice, manufacturer of SUPRA and MOOMBA inboard boats, is proud to announce the new Moomba product changes for 2005!

We’re proud of the fact that Moomba has been chosen to pull the women’s competition as the OFFICIAL TOWBOAT OF THE 2004 GRAVITY GAMES™ and we’re looking forward to strutting our stuff in front of a nationwide audience. Add to that, the redesigned Outback, which took the “Outstanding Tow Boat Value” Award for Product Excellence for 2003 and you’ve got a lot to strut!

This year’s Moombas come with new high quality interiors. The driver’s area is roomy and comfortable with a specially designed Rise-R adjustable seat, which will allow for better viewing for different driver’s size. The standard Indmar 310 HP, V-8 engine offers plenty of cruising and towing power, but you can also opt for the Indmar 340 HP HO, V-8 for even more power! Other new offerings for ‘05 (depending on model) include; new convertible rear-seating areas, large sundecks, more storage areas, improved ballast capabilities, new towers, built-in coolers and more options than we have room to list here. Also, check out the all new GRAVITY Edition of the Mobius XLV, which is an exact clone of the XLV used to pull the GRAVITY GAMES™ events.

To complete the package, Moombas come standard with a color-matched single or tandem torsion axle trailer (depending on model) with disc brakes. Check with your authorized Moomba dealer in September for a complete list of standards and options available.

For more information on the new Moomba lines of boats, please call 865-983-9924 or you may visit us on the web at Also, check out the GRAVITY GAMES™ website at

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