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The Ambush/ Slider Slam Pro Invitational Wrapup

Eastman, GA – The Ambush/ Slider Slam Pro Invitational looked more like a raging kegger than a wakeboarding contest, which was the goal all along. Ambush Boarding Co. and set out to make wakeboard contests cool again, and the Slider Slam did just that.

The format was simple; invite the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world to rip up a slider park during the cover of night, add an endless supply of Budweiser and Bud Light, a bunch of 50cc’s, and a wet t-shirt contest (which might as well have been a wet body contest) and you have one of the most incredible wake events ever. The mind-blowing riding didn’t hurt either.

The contest began with the best trick event. Wakeboarders went first on the Ambush/Buywake double-kinked a-frame. The best trick came down to Trevor Hansen's and Chad Sharpe's total mutilage of the slider. Both attacked the obstacle with fearless intensity, but the riders (who were also the judges of the contest) chose Sharpe’s boardslide to backside 270 that gapped both kinks as the winner. Chad rode off on a hopped up Honda 50cc courtesy of the Gravity Research Center for his efforts.

The wakeskate best trick fell between Brian Grubb and Thomas Horrell, who were killing it on the 40 foot flatbar. The decision of who won the best trick came down to a video review of the tricks by the wakeskaters. After seeing the footage, the wakeskaters agreed that Thomas’ front side board slide shove it out was the wakeskate trick of the day. Thomas bagged a set of KMC 24” wheels for his winning trick.

The Slider Slam portion of the event was nothing short of epic. The wakeboard Slider Slam was broken down into 4 heats of 6 with the top 2 from each heat advancing to the finals. Wakeskate had a 5-man final heat. The level of competition was so intense that a mere combination of words can’t even come close to describing what took place. Be thankful that the Alliance Wakeboard Magazine crew along with Joey Meddock and Sidewayz Films were on site documenting the whole thing. Alliance will be releasing the photos in upcoming issues to illustrate just how intense the riding was. Sidewayz was filming for an upcoming episode of Fuel TV.

The wakeskate final featured Brian Grubb, Thomas Horrell, Danny Molina, Brandon Thomas, and Steve Schoenhals all battling for $3,000 in cash. The wakeskaters primarily attacked the flatbar, but those who attempted the double-kinked a-frame were both respected and rewarded by their comrades. After thrashing the double-kinked a-frame and throwing staggering combinations on the flatbar and behind the Wakeboard Edition Sea Doo, the wakeskaters chose Brian Grubb as the victor.

The wakeboard finals began at 1:00 am with eight of the world’s most prolific sliders in the world. Parks Bonifay, Shawn Watson, J.D. Webb, Shane Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw, Collin Harrington, Chad Sharpe, and Atlanta local Rhett Whatley all made it to the main stage. $6,000 in cash was up for grabs. The tired and drunken finalists mustered up their strength and skills to put on one of the most amazing displays of wakeboarding ever witnessed. With the cash on the line, Parks Bonifay destroyed the Gravity Research Center and claimed the Slider Slam Championship. After Parks’ attack, the riders agreed that the Gravity Research Center had been closed down. No one would ride the park that well again, until maybe next year.

Slider Slam Final Results

Wakeboard Best Trick
Winner – Chad Sharpe
Runner up – Trevor Hansen

Wakeskate Best Trick
Winner – Thomas Horrell
Runner up – Brian Grubb

Wakeboard Final
1st Place – Parks Bonifay
2nd Place – Chad Sharpe
3rd Place – Shawn Watson
4th Place – J.D. Webb
5th Place – Shane Bonifay

Wakeskate Final
1st Place – Brian Grubb
2nd Place – Brandon Thomas
3rd Place – Steve Schoenhals

Extra special thanks to the following for making the Slider Slam happen: Wes Bearden and the Gravity Research Center crew, Will Dorminy and Budweiser/Bud Light, Paul O’Brien and Hyperlite, Bill McCaffray and Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Sam Ratto, Jon Gilleland and DVS Shoe Co., Rhett Sanders and KMC Wheels, Jet Pilot, Fusion Wakeboard Towers and Accessories, Sea Doo, Greg Butts and Big Air Audio, the Ambush and crew,, Eddie Beverly, Matt Long, Ronn Seidenglanz, Tony Smith, Keith Kipp, Chase Heavener, Joey Meddock, Matt Staker, Shaun Murray, Travis, Shorty’s and Bearden Oil, Thomas Horrell, Chris Denney, F.J., Tim Pratt, Snead, Javier Tunon, all the riders that gave it their all at the Slider Slam. THANK YOU!

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