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MasterCraft Introduces NEW Saltwater Series

Vonore, TN - MasterCraft is introducing a new Saltwater Series (SS) line designed to promote the use of its products in bay area and intercostal saltwater markets. The line includes MariStar 245 VRS, MariStar 280 VLD and MariStar 280 STS models with stainless components, sacrificial anodes, fully sealed wiring connectors, and Crusader Captain’s Choice engines.

“MariStars are seeing more action in saltwater, as inland skiers, wakeboarders and water sports enthusiasts relocate closer to coastal markets,” says Parker Stair, National Sales Manager. “Traditional saltwater boats just don’t have the same towing characteristics as we do, so it’s only natural that MasterCraft would equip these boats with the most saltwater-friendly components available.”

The MariStar 245 SS and MariStar 280 SS offer a choice of Crusader 330 hp, 375 hp or 425 hp GM Vortec engines. The MariStar 280 SST offers a choice of twin Crusader 5.7 liter, 330 hp engines, or 6.0 liter, 375 hp engines. Thanks to the compact design of the Crusader engines, the 280 is now available with even more muscle - up to 750 hp! Plus, all of the SS engines are fresh-water cooled, protected with premium multi-coat non-corrosive paint and come with composite motor mounts.

“About 15% of our customers take their MasterCrafts on saltwater,” says Ken Bernard, Cope McPhetres Marine, Seattle, Washington. “MasterCraft has always used premium components in the boats, so corrosion hasn’t been a huge issue. Nevertheless, the SS line will increase the lifespan of vulnerable parts and help maintain MasterCraft’s excellent reputation for premium resale-ability. We’re excited about offering the new line to our customers.”

Editor’s Note:
Information on the NEW MariStar 245 VRS and the X-45, to be released later this fall, will follow in the coming weeks.

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