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Ambush/ BYOB Wakeboard Series Championships

Sports are tough on your body. Especially action sports like wakeboarding and wakeskating. As competitive seasons roll along participants can get worn out and some get injured…others get hot and start performing at the highest levels of the season. That was the story of the Ambush/ BYOB Series Championships this past Saturday at Lake Frances.

The competition was fierce as the best of the best amateur wakeboarders in the Southeast all vied for the BYOB crown and $1,200 in cash (a record purse for an amateur event). Many riders gave standout performances including 12 and Under division winners Theresa Anderson and Mathew Hope, Women competitors Dawn Nobles, Sandy Nichols, and Courtney Dutson, and Intermediate division powerhouse Scott Perkins. However, the dichotomy of the slumping and peaking rider is what made the BYOB Championships the most exciting contest of the summer.

The first of these situations came in the Beginner Men division where the number two seed, Daniel Rothove, arrived wearing a back brace protecting the lumbar area he hurt just one day before the contest. An aching Rothove still wanted to compete regardless of his condition…he would not miss his chance to claim the BYOB crown for anything. Fellow Beginner Nick Bode, who barely qualified for the event, had been riding hard the past three weeks to put together a run that would earn him his first tournament championship. His hard work paid off as he stomped a backroll to take the Beginner Men crown.

The Wakeskate division had a similar circumstance where equal first seed Nic Sharp decided to compete in spite of his injury. His sore body hindered his performance and landed him fourth place. However, wakeskaters John Clark and Chris Richardson have been on fire the past month. John Clark, who had never finished higher than fifth place in a competition, landed a pair of big spins and a variety of lip maneuvers to earn the bronze medal. Young gun Chris Richardson has been climbing the competitive ladder all year. After a dismal showing at Stop #1, Chris earned a fourth place finish at Stop #2 and third place at Stop #3. He was easily the hottest wakeskater coming into the competition…but in the end Florida native Sammy Woodson put together a series of lip trick combos that would have made Rodney Mullen ill. Chalk up another victory for Sammy.

The Advanced Men division was both disappointed and relieved when they got word that equal second seed Jamie Graff injured himself right before the tournament and was not going to be able to compete in the event. The Advanced division all wanted to compete against a rider of his skill…but was not all too upset at a slightly easier field. Dustin Teeples, who began the year in the Intermediate division, was the one who put it all together when it counted, stepped up his performance, and walked away with the gold medal and a stack of twenty dollar bills.

Death or glory was the tone of the tournament…unless you always win…or your name is Rhett Whatley. The number one seeded Outlaw rider Rhett Whatley did it again by winning his second straight BYOB tournament and the Championship crown. Things are looking good for the 125 pounder. Not only did Rhett pocket $1,200 in earnings over the course of the BYOB Series, he received an invite to vie for $10,000 in the Ambush/ Slider Slam Invitational on September 11th at the Gravity Research Center. Hey Rhett…why don’t you send some of that cash this way.

Shout outs to all that made the BYOB Championships a success...especially George Osber, Greg Brooks, Tim Pratt, Snead, Pat Cash, F.J., John Clark, WARDO!!!!, The Ambush and crew, Daniel Harf, Jon Lindsay, Ryan Wolfe, Kyle Schmidt, Eddie Beverly and Hyperlite, Rachel and UGP, Matt Long and Reef, Southern Rockets, Rip Curl, Fox Racing, DVS, and Pro Tec.

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    Ambush/ BYOB Wakeboard Series Championships Results

    *Ambush Team Riders in Italics

    12 and Under Girls
    Theresa Anderson – 23 pts
    Megan Bode – 21 pts
    Piper Price – 15 pts

    12 and Under Boys
    Mathew Hope – 16 pts
    Billy Rose – 15 pts
    Camden Vogelsang – 13 pts

    Beginner Women
    Dawn Nobles – 20 pts
    Landon Watters – 19 pts
    Sarah Pratt – 17 pts
    Courtney Merritt – 16 pts
    Lainey Tatum – 15 pts

    Beginner Men
    Nick Bode – 26 pts
    Adam Trout – 25 pts
    Eric Buonanotte – 17 pts
    Kevin Buddin – 15 pts
    Daniel Rothove – 14 pts
    Ryan Williams – 11 pts

    Intermediate Women
    Sandy Nichols – 18 pts

    Intermediate Men
    Scott Perkins – 23 pts
    Paul Urbanowski – 21 pts
    Blaine Umbaugh – 20 pts
    Will Watters – 19 pts
    Thomas Cole – 14 pts
    Jamie Grambell – 13 pts

    Advanced Women
    Courtney Dutson – 15 pts
    Fiona Nairn – 12 pts

    Advanced Men
    Dustin Teeples – 22 pts
    Chris Moon – 18 pts
    Justin Giddens – 17 pts
    Jake Bagwell – 16 pts
    Derek Bond – 15 pts
    Tim Pratt – 15 pts


    Rhett Whatley – 22 pts
    Rob Corum – 20 pts
    Matt Sims – 19.5 pts
    Chase Andrews – 18 pts

    Heat 1
    Matt Sims – 25 pts
    Chase Andrews – 21 pts
    Adam Haller – 19.5 pts
    Ryan Hill – 17 pts

    Heat 2
    Rhett Whatley – 26 pts
    Rob Corum – 24 pts
    Jackson Harris – 19 pts
    Brad Hedges – 16 pts
    Brett Lee – 15 pts

    Sammy Woodson – 22 pts
    Chris Richardson – 21 pts
    John Clark – 19 pts
    Nic Sharp – 16 pts
    Justin Demone – 12.5 pts
    Jake Hinton – 11.5 pts
    Chase Andrews – 10 pts

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