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Krookedminds Wakeboard Team
Krookedminds Wakeboard Team is the name. The name that may not fit right but has become an identity for a group of South Louisiana/Central Florida wakeboarders and reality for team founder Dave Barousse. The word "team" implies competition to some, but that is far from the truth in this case. Krookedminds is about working together and promoting the sport of wakeboarding to others as well as enjoying the company of a large circle of close friends.
Dave Barousse
Krookedminds is made up of about 20 riders that have been picked because of their ability to introduce the sport to new people and always have a good time and a positive attitude on the water. Riding ability was not a factor when the team was being put together, but all of the Krookedminds team riders are very talented wakeboarders.

After almost a year of being established, Krookedminds is starting to give back to the wakeboarding community. Being that most of the riders are from Louisiana, Krookedminds is proud to be a sponsor of Louisiana Spring Fling this year. The guys and girls are very happy to help support such a great event like LSF. The Krookedminds team logo will be on the LSF shirt for their contribution to the event.
Louisiana will be experiencing some changes this year in the wakeboarding scene and Krookedminds will be helping out as much as possible. This year will be the opening season of the INT league in Louisiana and several of the Krookedminds team riders will be part of the INT tour team. This job will consist of helping out at the events as judges, drivers, and other miscellaneous jobs as well as trying to get some new faces in the crowd and on the water.

To find out more about Krookedminds Wakeboard Team you can visit their website at
And if you are heading over the Louisiana Spring Fling this year, be sure to hook up with the Krookedminds Wakeboard Team. You will be in for some fun and a lot of laughs.

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Kevin Leblanc

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