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SKIREEL Introduces The WakeSkimmer
Houston, Texas – SKIREEL Watersports LLC, manufacturer of the PATENTED & PATENT PENDING SKIREEL WakePro™ adjustable tow rope system introduces the WakeSkimmer™. Just as the name illustrates, the WakeSkimmer resembles a skim board in shape and size but features a single or double fin in the rear and convex nose in the front. In keeping with skim board tradition, the WakeSkimmer’s wood construction is varnished sealed. Since the WakeSkimmer is ridden barefoot, surf wax is used for traction.

“We discovered wakeskimming during a trip to South Padre Island where some local surfers were wakesurfing behind our 23V. One of them tried out his skim board after we installed a fin from a wakeboard on it.” We developed a slightly larger board, added fins and the rest is history. Wakeskimming is similar to wakesurfing in towing speed and riding technique but is somewhat more forgiving and easier to master. The board itself is much cheaper than a traditional wake surf board. You can skim the wave, the rooster tail or go back out to the white wash and wake. The WakeSkimmer is on sale at now at

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