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2005 Hyperlite Byerly Now At Boardstop
The 2005 Hyperlite Byerly wakeboard has arrived at The 2005 Byerly model offers the same great shape as the 2004 model, but has all new graphics for the 2005 riding season.

2005 Hyperlite 142 Wakeboard
142 Available For Purchase Now

2005 Hyperlite 137 Wakeboard
137 Available For Purchase Now

2005 Hyperlite 132 Wakeboard
2005 Hyperlite Byerly 132

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    2005 Hyperlite Byerly Wakeboard Description

    A new design that offers the strongest grip when initiating a turn with a solid overall edge hold. This new faster rocker line has the explosiveness you could only get from this trademark bend.

    An increased sidecut and Flow-Thru rail makes this board less work to session the wake. 3-Stage rocker boards are now even easier to be ridden finless. Byerly's new ride has a contoured deck offering greater heel and toe response by having the bindings lowered into the board.

    2005 Hyperlite Byerly Wakeboard Features

  • 3-Stage Rocker - a new, faster bucking pop for an explosive wake to wake style.

  • Flow Thru Technology - water flowing over the tail for quicker initiated turns.

  • Deepest Two-Tier Rail - adds to the aggressive rail ride style.

  • Deeper Center Beam - super smooth landings even with a 3-stage kick.

  • Two .8" P-Wing Machined Aluminum Fins - designed for a quicker overall release and a moderate feel on the water.

  • Four 1.0" Deep Molded-In Fins - Hyperlite's thinnest and deepest molded-in fins for a knees bent style of riding that relies more on the outer fin.

  • Vented Channels - less friction on the water when on rail for a faster feel.

  • Deck - a new rail-to-rail response.

  • Butch Innovation - Scott Bouchard and Byerly continue to push the limits of wakeboards.

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  • will also have the 132 available for sale soon.

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