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Malibu Redesigns The Sunsetter 21 XTi And Sunsetter LXi For 2005

Sunsetter 21 Xti


Malibu Boats redesigned the Sunsetter 21 XTi from the hull up for 2005.

The 2005 Sunsetter 21 XTi was re-innovated with family comfort, versatility and styling in mind. This Malibu is a great choice for boating enthusiasts seeking Sport-V space and multi-discipline water sports performance, especially those with a passion for world-class slalom wakes.

The new 21.5-foot by 8.2-foot V25 Diamond Hull gives the Sunsetter 21 XTi a larger presence on the water and at the same time increases handling and slalom performance. The mixture of this new hull, a center-mounted engine, rack and pinion steering, zero-friction throttle cables and amazingly responsive under water gear make the Sunsetter 21 XTi a versatile competitor.

The ďhave your cake and eat it to,Ē performance of the Sunsetter 21 XTi allows sport boaters to choose among a complete list of water sports to enjoy. Right off the trailer the Sunsetter 21 XTi is ready to slalom. The soft flat wakes that stream from underneath the 21 XTi are a skiers dream. When the riders are up, drop the optional Wedge and watch them fly. The water sports versatility of the Sunsetter 21 XTi makes it an equal opportunity tow boat.

Another benefit of the new hull and deck design is increased interior comfort. The Sunsetter 21 XTi can cater to the needs of as many as 12 adults and their gear. Passengers are pampered with 38oz G&T Marine Vinyl as well as Malibuís Premium Nylon Carpet. The rear wrap-around lounge was expanded with the overall size of the boat as were the other social areas of the boat. The observer seat has been made to accommodate three people and the bow has been lengthened and widened. Even the driverís seat has been redesigned for increased comfort and versatility with the addition of a standard flip-up bolster. Covering these seating areas is a new upholstery layout that has been redesigned to incorporate an additional color accent for a more unique look. The new observerís dash joins the driverís dash as a hand upholstered amenity with a choice of two dual-tone vinyl designs standard. The observer dash is also home to a new handy glove box. The Sunsetter 21 XTi interior is completely different for 2005.

If passengers can be pried out of this model they will appreciate the exterior beauty of the Sunsetter 21 XTi. The new Standard Classic gel coat scheme covers the Sunsetter 21 XTi in shards of colors that extend to the deck. Also available is the new Standard Progressive and hundreds of custom color combinations, the Sunsetter 21 XTi is a site to behold.

The new Sunsetter 21 XTi will attract the eye of sport boating families looking for versatility and comfort in 2005. The Sunsetter 21 XTi joins 16 other Malibu models motoring out for the 2005 model year.

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    Sunsetter LXi


    The Sunsetter LXi has been lengthened, widened and totally redesigned for the 2005 model-year.

    The largest tow boat ever sanctioned for record capable USA Water Ski tournaments just got even bigger. The Sunsetter LXi joined its 21-foot Malibu brethren at the computer aided drawing for a total redesign for the 2005 model year. The result is 21í6Ē of length and 98Ē of beam, which equals more passenger comfort and a new level of performance for the 2005 Sunsetter LXi.

    A slalom skierís dream, the Sunsetter LXi handles and skis like a tournament ski boat because it is one. With the help of a new V25 Diamond Hull, the Sunsetter LXi navigates the course like a champ. Thanks to a set of custom matched and tuned underwater gear working with precise rack and pinion steering and zero-flex throttle cables, the tow path of the Sunsetter LXi is never compromised.

    The Sunsetter LXi is definitely a ski boat first, but the increased size, newly designed interior and new features also makes this model a luxurious family tow boat. The new upholstery design draws the eye in and the sheer size of the seating and storage creates a jaw dropping reaction. The new three-person observer seat, the enlarged bow, the driverís standard flip-up bolster seat, the huge rear bench seat, it is all new. The 2005 Sunsetter LXi easily accommodates 12 people both with roominess and style. The two-tone hand wrapped passenger and driver dash give this model a performance car feel. The new passenger-side dash now adds another storage option into the mix with a huge redesigned glove box. Also for 2005 Malibu has introduced a colorful Sport Shroud Option that allows boat buyers to customize the colors of their dash. The icing on this interior is the new custom colored 38oz G&T Marine Vinyl accents sewn into the upholstery design and the Premium Nylon Carpet that lines the floor of the Sunsetter LXi. The skiing performance of this boat turns heads, but the interior attracts a crowd and easily accommodates them.

    Attention to detail is not limited to the Sunsetter LXiís interior. The exterior of the boat commands respect with new sharply chiseled lines, accentuated by a new wrap-around one-piece windshield and drenched in sections of custom gel coat color. This year Malibuís colored gel coat areas move beneath the rub rail and up into the deck. Deck graphics are standard as a part of the Sunsetter LXiís new Standard Progressive and Standard Classic color compositions. The Sunsetter LXi looks the part of a series performer for the 2005 model-year.

    The new Sunsetter LXi joins sixteen other models on the showroom floors of dealerships across the United States for the 2005 model-year.

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