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2005 Tige Boat Line Announced
ABILENE, TEXAS - July 8, 2004 - Culminating many months of research, design and refinement, Tigé Boats Inc. has introduced the 2005 Tigé lineup, the most exciting line of multi-sport boats ever.

The '05 Tigé lineup includes new features and modifications developed by working closely with the Tigé dealer network to result in the strongest, most exciting Tigé product ever. Tigé manufactures four sport V (24V, 22V, 20V, Switch V) and four direct drive (22i, 21i, Switch i, Switch ci) inboards ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length.

As an addition to its '05 models, Tigé is introducing the all-new, tournament style, slalom specific Switch ci. The 20-foot, closed bow inboard joins one direct drive and one sport V drive already in the Switch series, a family of boats that combine value and sporty styling with renowned Tigé versatility, quality and performance-enhancing technology.

The '05 Tigé models feature new plush interiors with contemporary styling and several new appearance options. The upholstery fabric is an extremely durable vinyl that has a fresh and modern appearance, and an advancement of fabric will give the interior of the Switch series a sportier look. In order to provide dealers and customers with more customization alternatives, Tigé now presents three newly designed graphics packages, the bold West Coast and Riders Editions and Limited Edition, and a split main panel color option. Additionally, a stylish stainless steel appearance package featuring stainless steel windshield uprights, cup holders, and storage shocks and shock brackets is offered. The new '05 Tigé tower design follows the lines of design of the new boats and is very thick and durable. It's also easy to break down for boat transport.

"When designing the modifications for the '05 boats, we listened closely to our dealer network and customers, said Charlie Pigeon," CEO of Tigé Boats. "They all wanted graphics, interiors, towers and accessories that have more stunning visual appeal. I believe our dealers were right on the money. Combined with our superior multi-sport versatility and world-class performance, these advancements make the '05 Tigé line the best ever."

All Tigé models feature the unique ConvexV hull (patent pending) and patented TAPS2 technology. Every other inboard hull is a variation of a decades-old static hull design that centers on a fixed running attitude. These traditional hulls are concave with a slight downturn or "hook" at the transom. This hook lifts the transom and permanently sets the running attitude of the hull in a bow-down position. Wakes cannot be adjusted to compensate for water conditions or
passenger weight.

In a bold departure from this outdated design, Tigé created the revolutionary ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technology. Instead of a concave hook, the Tigé hull features a convex continuous-rocker design that curves up toward the transom like a wakeboard or slalom ski. In place of the traditional permanent hook, Tigé uses a moveable TAPS2 plate that allows the driver to conveniently and precisely tune the running attitude of the hull at the push of a button. TAPS2 in the down position configures the ConvexV hull to deliver clean, faint slalom
wakes. A minute adjustment of TAPS2 instantly tunes the wake to compensate for passenger or fuel weight, speed or line length. At boarding speeds with TAPS2 in the up position, the ConvexV hull settles naturally into the water, creating tremendous water displacement and massive, perfectly shaped wakes without bulky, unsafe ballast. Safety and performance are enhanced, not diminished, and storage and passenger space is kept free and clear.

Last year Tigé introduced the patented LifePlus Core construction process. This technology has been a breakthrough in composite boat building. The Tigé hull consists of far more resin and fiberglass than its competitors, yielding the heaviest, most solid hull in the industry. The LifePlus Core stringer matrix system is 300 percent stronger than conventional four-stringer construction, which attributes to the solid feel and smooth ride of a Tigé.

Tigé offers the LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty as a bold statement of faith in its product's quality. This warranty is the only replacement warranty in the industry. If there is ever any structural failure, degradation or delamination for as long as an owner owns his boat, Tigé will replace the boat at no charge. As another measure of integrity, the current results of an ongoing NMMA customer service survey testifies that 98 percent of Tigé owners report complete customer satisfaction with their boat.

Tigé Boats Inc. is headquartered in Abilene, Texas and can be found at
For more information, please contact media relations coordinator Dustin Clark at (325) 676-7777 or

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