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Ambush and Release DVS Wakeskate Shoe
Buywake Wakeskate ShoeAmbush Boarding Co. ( and ( are pleased to announce the release of the first ever shop designated pro model wakeskate shoe. Built by DVS, the manufacturer of the best shoes in the history of skateboarding, the ABC/ Dresden has all of the technical attributes that make sense in a wakeskate shoe.

The Ambush shoe features a soft, latex-lined insole and a non-absorptive EVA midsole allowing the shoe to remain comfortable while providing excellent board feel without taking on water. Additionally, the shoe also has an open-cell, breathable mesh exterior construction for the maximum in drainage as well as a high abrasion toe cap to stand up against grip tape. The Ambush shoe is distinctly different from the DVS mesh Dresden casual skate shoe offered in skate shops. The Ambush Dresden is a one-of-a-kind shoe built specifically for wakeskating.

With the creation of the Ambush Dresden wakeskate shoe, DVS became the first skateboard shoe manufacturer to cross over to the wakeboard and, more specifically, wakeskate market. This possibly marks the first step of wakeboarding’s acceptance by the action sports community as a legitimate board sport. Renaming such tricks as the whirlybird and the hoochie glide might mark the second. We at Ambush Boarding Co. and consider it an honor that DVS approached us with this opportunity to create, endorse, and market this advancement in wakeskate shoe technology.

The Ambush Dresden is taking the wakeskate world by storm. Wakeskating prodigy Danny Hampson won the wakeskate event at the first Pro Wakeboard Tour stop in Orlando, FL this year rockin’ a pair. Universally renowned wakeskaters such as Jim Leatherman, Aaron Reed, and Thomas Horrell (the inventor of the “sport”) all endorse the shoe.

The ABC/ DVS Dresden is available now exclusively at and Ambush Boarding Co. in Kennesaw, Georgia and is in extremely limited supply.

Ambush Boarding Co. and are privately held, rider owned and operated corporations established in Georgia in 1997 and 2001.

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