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Wakeside Adds Fusion Tower Accessories Line
Fusion Speakers
Fusion Speakers is pleased to announce the addition of the Fusion Wakeboard Tower & Accessories line. Fusion strives to minimize both lead times and prices by putting serious effort into their production process.

Fusion products reflect their emphasis on cutting-edge design and modern manufacturing technologies that incorporate patented features. Their product range has been designed from the ground up and engineered with attention to the small details of fit and finish. Fusion designers focus not only on style, but on precision engineering each piece down to the nuts and bolts of every part.

To debut the Fusion line, Wakeside will offer the T-Series Combo wakeboard tower speakers and the I-Series wakeboard rack.

Fusion T-Series Combo Wakeboard Tower Speakers
The Fusion T-Series Tower Speakers are aggressively designed, with lots of attention given to the technical makeup and to the fit and finish on every speaker system. The Fusion T-Series Combo tower speakers are powered by Diamond Audio Technology CM3 series competition speaker components and include one pair of CM361 6 1/2" component speakers and one pair of M351i coaxial speakers, handling a combined 400 watts RMS. Diamond speaker components sound very clean and handle lots of power. The standard finish is polished.
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Fusion i-Series Wakeboard Rack
Fusion wakeboard racks are surgically formed to handle most riders and their wakeboards. These super tough racks are manufactured with aluminum billet through a high-intensity detailed machining process with a polished finish. Fusion wakeboard racks include two mounts for sturdy mounting and no slip. The forks are designed with a thicker middle fork to avoid board clap.
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