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Site for Mastercraft Boat Owners Launches
Charlotte, NC – MasterCraft of Charlotte announced the unveiling of a new MasterCraft owner’s site aptly named The new site not only offers e-commerce for MasterCraft optional parts but also has its own forums.

“We wanted to do something different from a factory backed web-site”, said MasterCraft of Charlotte IT manager Jeff Holt. Holt continued “we wanted a platform to display the “MasterCraft by Design” items as well as a venue for owners to discuss the MasterCraft lifestyle via our forums. Factory based sites like give good information about the boats and options but we felt that there was a direct need for a site that served customers after the purchase.”

“We wanted to do this right from the start” added MasterCraft of Charlotte President Michael McKenzie “we came up with the basics of the site and decided that we needed a full time in house IT specialist to handle the project due to its size. This has been a tremendous undertaking and I am pleased we took the time to find the proper personnel to make this project a success.” offers substantial discounts on all “MasterCraft by Design” parts. Upcoming updates will include sportswear as well as boat parts, decals, engine parts and MasterCraft private label cleaning products.

For information regarding, or please contact Michael McKenzie at 704-525-6660.

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