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Anticipation Creeps In For Scott Byerly Toe Jam
The wakeskating world is ready to blow up as The Byerly Toe Jam event organizers are settling the dust and fine-tuning all the rails. Let’s just say The Projects Park is stocked with more tech wakeskating jibs than ever before. But with Scott’s unique format of boat riding, rail course action and winch towing, it’s gonna take more than a nice jib or two to become the first annual Byerly Toe Jam Champion. Below is a tentative schedule of all the action, including the much-anticipated “Scott Byerly Documentary” Sneak Preview Party on Thursday night.

April 22nd - Last minute Sign-Ups, morning boat practice, qualifying boat competition, Afternoon PWC rail practice

April 23rd - Qualifying PWC rail competition, final boat competition and best trick winch competition

April 24th - Final PWC rail competition and awards ceremony

Throughout the weekend there will be live music on site with local bands playing.

Invited Riders:
Scott Byerly
Brian Grubb
Brandon Thomas
Drew McGuckin
Thomas Horrell
Aaron Reed
Danny Hampson
Steve Wahlman
Ryan Doyle
Tim Kovacich

The Projects
19504 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida

Don’t miss the sneak preview of “The Scott Byerly Documentary” by Sidewayz Films on Thursday the 22nd at 9 p.m.


Coming from I-4, exit Fairbanks and go east
Fairbanks turns into Aloma as you pass Rollins College Draft House is on the left in a strip mall soon after you cross Lakemont Ave.

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