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Proline Introduces Its Brand New For 2004 Wake Surf Series Of Ropes

Proline’s Wake Surf Series of ropes is brand new for 2004! Realizing the need to create a simple tow system for wake surfing, our engineers spent the previous summer developing 3 unique tow ropes that would accommodate a wide range of riders and riding styles. In addition to the Knot Head, Y-Knot and Deluxe Weave surf handles, the Wake Surf Series also includes a lightweight, 10’ 16/64 Poly E mainline to help the rider fine tune the sweet spot.

Deluxe Weave Spiral Grip Handle: This 4 rope, spiral wound French Braid handle is constructed from 16 braid, 64 strand PolyP. The large diameter 10’ handle starts with a spiral twist French Braid section and slowly tapers to reduce bulk. Two 3’ take off sections are included. This handle is preferred by riders who prefer a ‘hand over hand’ grip.

Proline Knot Head Surf Handle: This 8’, large diameter surf rope, has a series of strategically placed, interior stop knots that allow the surfer to ‘walk’ along the top of the wake until they are positioned in the ‘sweet’ spot. It is recommended that the Knot Head Surf Handle be used with the optional Electra Surf 10’ mainline section. This handle is also preferred by those riders who use a ‘hand over hand’ grip.

Y-Knot Surf handle: Some riders--especially beginners--might feel more comfortable with a ‘side by side’ grip. The Y-Knot starts with a 10’ split grip handle section, followed by another 10’ mainline section that connects to the boat.

Electra Surf 10’ mainline section: No need to chew up your 60’ wakeboarding mainline if you have a 10’ Electra Surf section! These mainlines are made from 5/16” Poly E.

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