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Titan Wake Accessories Ropes Two Team Malibu Pros
Titan Towers(Rancho Cordova, CA) – Gerry Nunn and Darin Shapiro signed on the dotted line with Titan Wake Accessories earlier this week. These two world-class, pro-wakeboarding phenomenons chose Titan as their official tower sponsor.

A design of extreme strength lurking in a minimalist frame, the Titan tower has been revolutionizing the water sports scene since the late ‘90s. The first company to enlist the support of stress absorbing heim-joint feet and a unique wishbone frame, Titan prides themselves on innovation design and construction.

This industry leading demeanor made Titan a perfect fit as a standard option on Malibu Boats’ Wakesetter Series line of boats. And now a couple of Team Malibu’s most accomplished pro riders have embarked on a partnership with Titan as well.

“I look forward to working with a tower company that has such a great relationship with Malibu Boats,” Nunn commented.

Shapiro added, "I am looking forward to working with a tower company that has as high standards as Malibu Boats."

Shapiro and Nunn are two of the most well known names in the world of professional wakeboarding today, but each in their own ways. Shapiro’s ride to the top includes titles like 6-time Pro Tour Champion, 2-time World Tour Champion, X-Games Champion, U.S. Open Champion, Masters Champion and so many more. Nunn has cemented his place in the industry with award-winning performances, but his true acclaim lies in his dedication to the sport and grass roots efforts like the Malibu Just Ride Series and the Backyard Tour.

When asked about the Titan tower Nunn raved, “I think the towers are very strong, give a great amount of visibility to the driver, look cool, and are very practical and user friendly.”

Both of these champions will be huge additions to Titan Wake Accessories’ arsenal. Not only will they work to represent Titan as the one of the industry’s leading professional wakeboard towers, they will also aid the company in R&D when they are in the trenches of competition or training.

When asked about his new pro-team additions Scott Sax, the CEO and President of Titan, had this to say, “We’re stoked to have Gerry and Darin riding for us. They’re not only great riders, they’re great guys.” Sax continued, “They’re the icing on the cake for the new products coming out this season.”

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