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Webcast US to Provide Technology for Pro Wakeboard Tour
Atlanta, April 5, 2004 – Webcast US has announced its participation in The Pro Wakeboard Tour 2004 season opener at the Orlando Watersports Complex, April 30 – May 2. Webcast US will provide high-speed wireless internet access and live audio/video streaming of the competition. Tour officials believe that the venue-wide services provided by Webcast US will significantly enhance the fan experience as well as complement the logistical needs of the athletes and event organizers.

The Webcast US suite of wireless services, aptly named Wi-Fi EVENT, will be available to any spectator at the event with a rented or owned wireless device. By subscribing to Wi-Fi EVENT and utilizing the services, fans are able to surf the Internet, order food, listen to audio, stream video as well as receive other rich media from the comfort of their seats. Wireless connectivity also enables instant online opinion polling, voice-over-IP telecommunication as well as other convenience-oriented services for the fans and Pro Tour participants.

Additionally, live webcasting of the feature event is slated to be hosted on the Webcast US website, Live webcasting will allow The Pro Wakeboard Tour to reach the thousands of fans around the world unable to attend the live events,” states Tom Wilson, president of Webcast US. Sean Dishman, Sponsorship Director for World Sports & Marketing, is excited about its affiliation with Webcast US and looks forward to working with the newfound technology partner during the 2004 season. Dishman comments, “Our collective goal is to take the Pro Wakeboard Tour into the wireless age and create a better product for everyone--our riders, our sponsors, and most importantly, our fans.”

About Webcast US, LLC
Webcast US is a wireless Internet service and content provider. The innovative company offers a suite of high-speed connectivity and rich-media delivery solutions to governments, businesses, venues and special events. Wi-Fi EVENT is a "hotspot-on-wheels" service that provides an enhanced end-user experience through public Internet access, content streaming, and in-seat services. Using a fleet of mobile base stations, Webcast US partners with sports and entertainment venues throughout the country with a focus on creating the ultimate fan experience and helping clients run cost effective operations.

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