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Texas Ski Ranch Presents First Annual MasterCraft Junior Tri-X Title.

Texas Ski Ranch presents MasterCraft Junior Tri-X Title.

All athletes pick 3 of 6 events to compete in!
$7500 in Prize money to the top Overall Athletes

Athletes will choose 3 from the following 6 events to challenge for the overall first Annual MC Junior Tri-X Title

Athletes will rank their choice of events from 1to6. Limited spots are available for each event so spots will be determined on a first come first serve basis for those athletes with complete registration and payment ($135 for all athletes). Entry Forms may be downloaded here. Partcipants must be between th ages of 10-18 (all ages as of Jan.1st 2004.) Additional Prizes for top place finishers that are between ages 10-13. Super Groms will compete with the junior division but will be awarded places and prizes for their age group. (TSR reserves the right to change schedules and events without notice)

1. Wakeboard Boat
Maximum 40 Riders / 3 Rounds
The best young riders in the world will compete behind the MasterCraft X-Star on both wake tricks and obstacles.
Prelims (Upto 40) Friday 5pm-9pm Eliminate 20 Riders
SemiFinals (20) Saturday 6pm-9pm Eliminate 12Riders
Finals (8) Sunday 4pm-6pm

2. MotoX
Maximum 60 Riders / 2 Rounds
Athletes will race on identicle 50cc motocross mini bikes on TSR's MotoCross Track.
Prelims (Upto 60) Saturday 8am-Noon Eliminate 44 Riders
Finals (16) Sunday 8am-11am

3. Rock Climb
Maximum 70 Climbers / 2 Rounds
Athletes will climb for the best time in preliminary rounds. The finals will pitt climbers head to head at the same time on Austin Rock Gym's portable wall.
Prelims (Upto 70) Saturday 3pm-6pm Eliminate 54 Riders
Finals (16) Sunday Noon-2pm

4. Cable Wakeboard
Maximum 40 Riders / 3 Rounds
Young athletes will fight for a spot in the finals which will showcase six riders on the water at the same time!
Prelims Friday (Upto 40) 10:30am-1pm Eliminate 22 Riders
SemiFinals (18) Saturday 2pm-3pm Eliminate 12Riders
Finals (6) Sunday 11am-11:45am

5. Skateboard
Maximum 40 Skaters / 2 Rounds
Skaters will compete in the best of (2), 60 second runs on our street course.
Prelims (Upto 40) Friday 1pm-4pm Eliminate 28 Riders
Finals (12) Sunday 2pm-4pm

6. Cable Wakeskate
Maximum 40 Riders / 3 Rounds
Skaters will use both obstacles and perform tricks in the flats to better their placement in this event.
Prelims Friday (Upto 40) 8:00am-11am Eliminate 22 Riders
SemiFinals (18) Saturday Noon-1:45pm Eliminate 12Riders
Finals (6) Sunday 10am-11:00am

MasterCraft Junior Tri-X Schedule

8am-1pm CableLake / WakeSkate then Wakeboard Prelims
1pm-4pm SkatePark / SkateBoard Prelims
4pm-9pm Boat Lake / Wakeboard Prelims

8am-Noon MotoX Track / Mini 50cc race Prelims/Semi
Noon-3pm CableLake / WakeSkate then Wakeboard SemiFinals
3pm-6pm RockWall / RockClimbing Prelims/Semi
6pm-9pm BoatLake / Wakeboard SemiFinals

8am-11am MotoX Track / Mini 50cc Finals
10am-Noon Cable Lake / WakeSkate then Wakeboard Finals
Noon-2pm RockWall / RockClimbing Finals
2pm-4pm SkatePark / SkateBoard Finals
4pm-6pm BoatLake / Wakeboard Finals
6pm Awards

  • Entry Forms may be downloaded here.
    (1 Page)
  • Under 18 Waiver can be downloaded here.
    (2 pages)

    Book your Hotel ASAP, Because of the area's tourist attractions they go fast in the summer!

    Mid America MasterCraft Boat Owner's Reunion
    As if the Junior TriX was not enough, TSR and Master Craft will be simultaneously be hosting thw 2004 Mid America Reunion inviting all MasterCraft boat owners to come relax and take part in the weekend festivities. The reunion will be Fri through Sunday.

    TSR Wakeboard Showdown on the Boat Lake
    For those of you arriving early you won't want to miss Thursday Nights wakeboard showdown. For the second consecutive year TSR will host thursday night competitions that culminate in the Fnal Showdown July 29 - Aug 1. To become eligible you must be in the top 40 riders in the World Cup standings or compete at 1 of the 8 boat or cable thursday night events. This would be a great chance for you out of town riders to gain eligibility for the Final Showdown.

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