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Roswell Wake Air Innovates for 2004
Speaker TowerRoswell Wake Air Press Release

It’s going to be another exciting year for Roswell and more importantly for Roswell customers because there is nothing like knowing you have the highest quality and most cutting edge gear around. With innovative designers at the helm you’re sure to be impressed with the 2004 introductions including Home Audio Stands, Billet Board Racks, and Triple Board Racks (wakeskate and surfboard specific).

Roswell’s home audio stands add value and versatility to your hanging speakers, now you can move the hanging speakers from your tower and onto your stands to use in your house or by the hot tub. The stands come pre-wired and are available in black, white, or custom colors.

The triple board racks are another industry first by Roswell; these racks are specially designed to hold two of your wakeboards and your wakeskate. With three different clamp sizes available, the rack will fit on most new and existing towers.

To request a catalog or for more information on these or any other Roswell product, contact them at or 780.490.7908.

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