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Bump Films Launches New Site
Bump Films Press Release

Bump Films is proud to announce the rebuild of their web site to include others who represent the sports of wakeboarding and wakeskating in sequential motion pictures.

You can now buy, watch, rate, read about, write about the movies that represent the best of our industry. Album, Sidewayz, Attention Deficit, Pointless and more are now available at

Consumers buy videos for different reasons and they should be able to find out what it is they are buying before throwing down. If someone wants to pay 25 bucks for a wakeboard video that looks like a High School Senior Project more power to them. But for those consumers who want to get details, reviews, recommendations we are here. is built to provide the consumer more than just the description on the back cover. Reviews, Ratings, Video Clips, Music Lists, Rider Lists and Detailed Descriptions; all from

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