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Premier Video Magazine Giveaway
Premier Video Magazine and Premier Video Magazine are giving away 10 copies of Premier Video Magazine Issue #1 on March 12th.

To enter the giveaway, you must enter a legitimate review of a product in the Gear Guide.

What consists of a legitimate review? Basically, we have to feel that you've actually used the product and are providing some sort of value to other people reading your review. For example if you just write "This product is great" we won't count that as an entry. Give us some positives and negatives about the product.

However, it also doesn't have to be very long, just a paragraph is fine as long as it's helpful to other people.

Only registered users can enter a review, so if you've never used our Forums, Gear Guide, or Media Center before you'll just have to signup quickly. Just click the Register or Login link in the Gear Guide navigation.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Gear Guide now and review a video, board, boat, bindings, wakeskate, or accessory of your choice.

The winners will be announced here on March 12th.

  • Find out more about Premier Video Magazine and view the trailer.

  • Premier Video Magazine #1 can also be purchased at

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