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2001 X-Games Results
Philadelphia, Pa. - Wakeboarding on the Schuylkill River enjoyed its largest crowd in the history of the X Games today. An enthusiastic 6,650 spectators were on hand to see tootsie rolls, 900s and double ups at the men's and women's final wakeboarding competition.

In the men's competition first-time X Games winner Danny Harf of Orlando, Fla. clinched gold with a 900 on the double up in his final run, edging out silver medal winner Darin Shapiro of Orlando, Fla. and bronze medallist Eric Ruck of Twin Lakes, Wisc.

"I am stoked! It was the best run I have ever had in my life. I knew I had to step up with the 900 on my final run," said Harf.

Combining a toeside backroll, KGB and tootsie roll, Dallas Friday of Orlando, Fla. was the clear winner in the women's event, defeating all of the other riders by nearly 30 points.

Friday said, "It was fun. Seeing the big crowd just pumps you up. I was psyched to ride."

Emily Copeland of Littleton, Colo., the only finalist not from Florida, took second place and Tara Hamilton of Lantana, Fla. finished third.

The X Games continue through August 22 in Philadelphia, with television coverage beginning Saturday, August 18 on ABC. The free event features competitions in aggressive in-line skating, skateboarding, bicycle stunt, street luge, speedclimbing, moto x and wakeboarding. More information, including schedules and results, can be found at

Men's Wakeboarding Finals

1. Danny Harf - 82.67 - Orlando, Fla.
2. Darin Shapiro - 76.44 - Orlando, Fla.
3. Erik Ruck - 68.89 - Twin Lakes, WI.
4. Shaun Murray - 67.67 - Orlando, Fla.
5. Zane Schwenk - 66.22 - Winter Haven, Fla.
6. Park Bonifay - 61.78 - Lake Alfred, Fla.
7. Brett Eisenhauer - 49.11 - Wagga Wagga, New S Wales, Australia
8. Shane Bonifay - 47.58 - Lake Alfred, Fla.

Women's Wakeboarding Finals

1. Dallas Friday - 82.67 - Orlando, Fla.
2. Emily Copeland - 58.56 - Littleton, CO.
3. Tara Hamilton - 54.67 - Lantana, Fla.
4. Leslie Kent - 50.78 - Deltona, Fla.
5. Lauren Harf - 45.44 - Orlando, Fla.
6. Maeghan Major - 42.33 - Orlando, Fla.
7. Marie Botved-Studd - 38.11 - Lake Worth, Fla.
8. Kristin Lutgert - 37.11 - Orlando, Fla.

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