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Backyard Films Reflections Video Trailer
Reflections Backyard films frontman Jack Blodgett took a different approach to his long awaited 2nd film release, Reflections. "I wanted to make a video not based on one trip or one week of filming, but to have a film showcasing all of my best friends talents, at there own house, hanging out together freeriding." And this is where Reflections evolved from, filmed in locations such as Bakersfield, California, Glide, Oregon and Orlando, Florida. Bringing together 25 of the sports most influential riders giving you a film dedicated to inspire the industry and future riders to come.

Highlights include Wakeboarding Magazine's helicopter shoot in Oregon, Ricky Gonzalez's Moby Dick 540, Keith Lyman's unique explosive style of riding, and Aaron Reed's wakeskating ability that proves he deserved being named Rider of the Year from Alliance Magazine.

Reflections is available only on DVD and has a running time of 45 minutes, plus additional bonus footage of bikini contests, teasers, slideshows, and more.

Reflections has a huge list of riders ranging from the sport's best to the Northwest's finest:

  • Keith Lyman
  • Ricky Gonzalez
  • Aaron Reed
  • Shawn Watson
  • Bret Van der Heuvel
  • Silas Thurman
  • Jim Leatherman
  • Philip Combs
  • Colin Wright
  • Gerry Nunn
  • Ben Grenwood
  • Tino Santori
  • Jeff Weatherall
  • Joey Meddock
  • Shaun Murray
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Shawn Watson
  • Erik Ruck
  • Danny Harf
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Shane Bonifay
  • Andrew Adkison
  • Brian Grubb
  • Nick Weinacker
  • Mikey Ennen
  • Nick Ennen
  • And more

  • View the Trailer in our Media Center. (Quicktime, 6.4 mb)

  • Reflections is available to be purchased at

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