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Liquid Force Trip Across America 2004
Liquid Force Press Release

After a year of keeping the Liquid Force RV in park, Liquid Force decided to donate the old rig and get a brand new rig for the 2004 Trip Across America. That’s right, everybody’s favorite rolling party /demo tour, the Trip Across America, is back in action for the 2004 season.

Just like years in the past, we will be starting the T.A.A. at the first Pro Tour stop in Orlando, FL in late April, early May, and will be ending back in Orlando for the WWA Worlds. Along its long journey, the LF team will be stopping by shops, lakes, contests and wakeboard events at a neighborhood near you promoting wakeboarding, wakeskating and all the fun involved with these sports. Team riders and company reps will be manning the trip throughout the summer. Team riders that will be involved include, Shane Bonifay, Emily Copeland, Mike Ennen, Adam Fields, Ross Gardner, Ben Greenwood, Cody Hall, Colin Harrington, Kevin Henshaw, Tim Kovacich, Jacob Locken, Melissa Marquardt, Steve McKinley, Gregg Necrason, Cody Ramsey, Devin Rogers, Kyle Schmidt, Steve Schoenhals, Phillip Soven, Silas Thurman, Shawn Watson and many more. Participants will be able to meet the pros, learn some riding tips, and sample LF gear and other sponsors product.

Nautiques will remain the title sponsor for the fourth straight year. “I am very excited to be working with the Correct Craft crew once again. This year we are getting to ride behind the Super Air 210. According to Shawn Watson, Gregg Necrason and Phillip “Froggy” Soven, it is the best boat they have ridden behind.” Says Aaron Grace, LF Marketing Coordinator and T.A.A. Coordinator. “To have the opportunity to be working with the people at Nautiques for 4 seasons now is more than I could ever ask for. I love having these boats at the demos, they are very user friendly and the people at the demos can’t believe how nice they are inside and out. It is nice to have everyone stoked, it definitely make it less stressful for me.”

Another repeat sponsor of the T.A.A. is Spy Optic. Spy is a very strong supporter of wakeboarding and the T.A.A. and has one the most talented and highly visible teams in wakeboarding. Look for Spy team riders Shane Bonifay, Tim Kovacich, Kevin Henshaw, Melissa Marquardt, Steve Schoenhals and others to be on the RV at various times.

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine will be the official print media sponsor. Not only will Alliance be providing up to the date editorial coverage on the T.A.A., but also providing the best stories and information on wakeboarding and wakeskating.

More sponsors are in the works and will be announced shortly. For more information on the Trip Across America 04, log onto or Both sites will be updated with the T.A.A. schedule and events by March 8th.

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