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Sunsetter VLX Wins Award
The Malibu Sunsetter VLX becomes the first V-Drive ever to earn a Powerboat Magazine award, not to mention the 2001 Outstanding Tow Boat Performance title.

(Merced, CA) - Malibu Boats, winner of 4 of the previous 5 Tow Boat of the Year Awards, stunned the industry with the Malibu Sport-V they escorted to Powerboat Magazine's exclusive inboard gathering. Guests witnessed the
staggering results of this bold move when Malibu Boats accepted the only performance award ever given for a V-Drive. Malibu Boats received the 2001 Outstanding Tow Boat Performance Award for the Sunsetter VLX.

"After winning 3 straight Boat of the Year Awards with 3 different boats, we were left with two different options. Take a boat that had already proven itself or really make a statement by beating the competitive inboards with our Sport-V family boat," explains Paul Singer, Malibu's Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "We are as proud of this award as any in our history. Our engineering team deserves the credit for the tremendous growth and customer satisfaction Malibu has achieved."

Malibu is adding that distinction to their list of history-making Powerboat Magazine performance awards. This latest honor is in good company with 7 Tow Boat of the Year Awards earned for five different boats, 11 consecutive product excellence awards and a record-breaking 12 awards in all. Malibu Boats has received more recognition for product performance and excellence
than any other ski boat manufacturer.

Malibu's Sunsetter VLX was launched into the Powerboat's trials with something to prove and after that the others just tried to keep up. Tested with the optional 375-hp Corvette LS1 engine, the Sunsetter VLX jumped to 37 mph in five seconds and continued to 49 mph in an additional ten. With a top speed of 50.6 mph the Sunsetter VLX baffled testers with its speed.

Powerboat Magazine proclaimed, "Malibu's Sunsetter VLX was, by more than 5 mph, the fastest tow boat we encountered last year and one of the fastest inboards we've ever tested."

While most rear-engine tow boats offer a larger lounging area and greater comfort they are not known for their skiable wake or handling. The Malibu Sunsetter VLX has proved to be the exception to that rule.

"Our ski team tested the Sunsetter VLX for skiing and wakeboarding, letting out different lengths of rope and driving at all speeds. The boat earned
aces throughout," raved Powerboat Magazine.

While Sunsetter VLX flexed its muscle as a professional level water sports boat, the in-boat testers relaxed in the lap of luxury. Heavy hand-stitched vinyl upholstery covers the cushy interior of this boat from bow to stern. The Sunsetter VLX sports a wrap-around lounge area complete with seemingly endless storage cavities beneath each seat and a removable table.

"You could feel the quality of the materials that Malibu used in the interior, from the thick vinyl upholstery to the plush carpeting lining the sole," gushed Powerboat Magazine.

The Sunsetter VLX reveals grace, performance and luxury at a glance. Powerboat's in-depth testing only amplified those conclusions and added
another award-winning notch to Malibu's record trophy tally. Powerboat Magazine beheld the all-around excellence of this boat, which made it the
only choice for the 2001 Outstanding Tow Boat Performance Award.

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