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Team Tige' Pro Team Gears-Up For Boat Show Season
Six core members of Tigé’s international team of pro athletes began to prepare of the 2004 Boat Show Season by visiting Abilene to tour Tigé’s manufacturing headquarters.

Team Manager Chris Bischoff, Pro Skier Chris Rossi and Pro Riders Keith Lyman, Erik Ruck, Tino Santori and Nick Weinacker spent a day touring Tigé’s manufacturing facilities and talking head-to-head with key Tigé personnel.

“We pulled in everyone from our Director of Manufacturing to our Research and Design Engineer,” commented Sales and Marketing Coordinator LuAnn Green.

The day began with an in-depth plant tour and ended with a long question and answer session between the pro athletes and company President Charlie Pigeon.

“It was critical that our team of pro athletes understand how Tigé’s LifePlus Core Construction and Engineering works with TAPS² and the ConvexV hull to produce a stronger and more versatile inboard,” said President Charlie Pigeon. “I felt the riders asked a variety of thought-provoking questions, while providing great feedback on how our R&D department can help enhance the Tigé line for 2005.”

Since its conception in 1991, Tigé Boats, Inc. has revolutionized the family towboat industry and continues to be dedicated to engineering versatile watersport boats of the finest quality with a family-oriented design. Tigé strives to maximize inboard versatility, while using innovative technology to improve overall watersport performance. Tigé is headquartered in Abilene, Texas, and their website can be found at

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