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Check out the 2002 Hyperlite Motive series, which is the 2001 Belmont board with a new graphic and lower price, along with the 2002 Divine and Essence female boards, and the new Motive 119 board.

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Hyperlite Motive Series
Motive 140 and 144
The best selling wakeboard series, just took on a new look and a new price point. In 2000 Shaun Murray designed a series of boards that almost had as much brand recognition as the name Hyperlite. Shaun created the Belmont line as the next progression of the popular Juvi/Fluid/Vero shape. This was the first series to pioneer the molded-in fin craze. The Belmonts feature:

.25" additional rocker - added pop off the wake, still with a smooth transition of a continuous rocker.
Wider tip/tail profile - increased pop off the wake, and added stability.
.4" Deep x 11" Long Molded-In fins - Added stability, quicker edge to edge feel, stronger edgehold into the wake on bigger cuts.

Motive 128 and 134
For 2002 we took the appealing overall ride of the Belmont series and lowered the retail $40. Came up with a new name- "The Motive Series". We also worked with a local artist named Joe Baker and designed a new graphic series that still has the personality of a pro model series but yet still appeals to the family market. Joe created a panaramoic scene, that when you put all four sizes together it makes one landscape that matches up. If you look within the graphic you will find something about the landscape that doesn't fit (a snow coverd island with a palm tree in the middle). Joe Baker is another northwest native that has done previous work with some of the market leading snowboard and skateboard brands.

The Motive Series is still very much a high end series. By giving the graphics more of a universal look and a lower price point these boards should be more appealing to the family market as well. This series comes with 2-1.9" Belmont fiberglass fins.

Hyperlite Divine and Essence
Essence 131
From the inception of the Hamilton board in our 1996 product line to the Essence binding in our 2001 product line, Hyperlite has been at the forefront of the women's division. For 2002 we have expanded the women's product into ... "The Vargas Series." This series captures two distinct
riding styles and price points for a broader women's market.

The 131 Essence was designed with a rounded-end profile, floaty overall feel for mellow transitioned turns and a stable, consistent pop off the wake. This board is the original freeride shape with a unique center fin placement of 4.75". The first of its kind with the center fin moved in for a quicker release from the wake.
The Essence includes 2-2.0" Poly Cleaver fins
Divine 134
The 134 Divine is new for 2002 product line based off of the revolutionary Shaun Murray designed - Belmont series. This board incorporates the outer
molded fins for added stability and helps aid tractions on bigger cuts. The Divine is preferred by more aggressive females looking for a more responsive board that will also get more pop off the wake. It shouldn't be thought of as just a high end board, because the outer molded-in fins almost act as training wheels and actually give riders a consistently more stable feel.The Divine includes 2-1.9" Belmont fiberglass fins.

The graphics were both illustrated by one of the most talented artists we ever contacted. Caia Koodman lives in Oregon spending her days riding a wakeboard in the summer, snowboard in the winter and painting all year long. Her work has been featured with some snowboard brands, and on various surf clothing brands. Caia's style brought a different perspective into the world of wakeboarding.

Hyperlite Motive 119
Motive 119
Silently year after year the Voyager has been a great seller with its unique graphics and universal shape for groms. The Voyager is our 1 size fits all kids board that will work for the 6 year old boy and his 11 year old sister, and will continue to be a great seller for years to come. As the sport evolves we want to put more focus on the expanding kids market.

The Motive 119 is designed for the high performance grom in mind. This board is 2" shorter than the Voyager, but the big difference is in the center width. The Voyager is 16.4" wide in the center. This width is great for stability and fitting a broad range of weights. The Motive is only 15.7" wide in the middle. A sleeker waist will allow this board to initiate
a turn quicker and easier. The motive has a very similar look to the Belmont shape. The Belmont shape has played a key role in the sport because it covers a broad spectrum of riders. The molded-in fins for beginners almost act as training wheels, with the outer stability. For advanced riders they act as gas pedals by the way they grip the boards leading edge into the water for a stronger edge hold into the wake. Now this there is this type of performance and versatility at the grom level.

For groms up to 110 lbs.

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