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Chevy Trucks Texas Ski Ranch Grand Opening Event Recap
The weather was as awesome as the spectators September 26-28, 2003 at the Chevy Truck Texas Ski Ranch Grand Opening Extreme Truck & Action Sport Festival. “You know the BEST thing about Texas Ski Ranch?” asked a Central Texas motox rider. “It’s not just the fact that I can bring my motox bike and my wakeboard to use at the same site and ride ‘em both the same day, but better yet, there are ALWAYS such gorgeous girls here!”

And he was right. There were LOTS of beautiful girls, extreme trucks and crazy action sports for the TSR celebration. Throughout the weekend event, more than an estimated 8000 spectators checked out unbelievable trucks, bikini contests, Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton freestyle moto exhibitions, the first EVER cable wakeboard head-to-head, six person “10 Minute Madness” tournament, double boat wakeboard exhibitions, skate, TSR MotoX track practice and exhibitions, world class barefooting, sky diving and hydrofoiling, PLUS a live music beach party including Tommy Shane Steiner.

On Friday, Country Music icon Tommy Shane Steiner, and brother, Sid, 2002 PRCA World Champion Steer Wrestler, began filming their new action sport series, “XS”. Tommy Shane and Sid took a National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation “Wally World” outlook on their free roam of TSR all day Friday, testing their skills on the cable, over obstacles, behind the boat, beside the boat and in the dirt at moto. Zane Schwenk paired up with Sid for an off the dock, add-lib jump set, while Freddy Krueger coached Sid from the boat. Zane’s still got the moves, as Sid rode over successfully, Zane threw a slalom gainer off the ramp. And if that wasn’t enough, Zane, Sid and World-Class barefooter Royal T. Wiseman tripled on the boom for the camera, with Zane egging the never complacent Sid on by throwing a front roll footin’. Sid and Tommy Shane both roosted some dirt at TSR’s moto, taking tips from freestylers Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton. After a little rompin’ and tossin’, Sid and Tommy Shane both discovered the similarities of motox and rodeo. The day was one of enticement and excitement, with everyone pushing their own boundaries but never finding limits.

On Saturday morning Truckin’ Magazine began 125 extreme 4 wheel drive and low rider trucks contestants on the shores of both TSR lakes. Skydivers made their grand entrance both days, not only landing on the cable lake island both days, but buzzing the boat lake so low that the Mastercraft X2 riders took cover!

The action was nonstop at TSR until sundown. The cable wakeboarders continued the insanity with a head to head competition, two at a time on the toway.

Free reign was given to Zane Schwenk and Andrew Adkison on the boat lake, so in true out of the ordinary Schwenk and Adkison style, they both rallied their own boat crews and started MasterCraft X2s at opposite ends of the boat lake. Andrew’s sick “Suicide” wowed the crowd on one end of the lake, while Zane Schwenk’s double up skill and finesse drew their eyes to the other end. Rob Struharik followed with an impressive array of slider tricks and technical mobes behind the boat. Local boy Gabe Lucas gave the visitors from Florida a run for there money with an non stop display of spins, big airs, and insane slides.

Royal got the crowed going with his impressive style of walking on water. He combined high speeds, no skies, and gymnastics to put on his bare footing display. With four passes down the tournament lake filled with flips, tumble turns, and backwards bare footing.

In true hydrofoil style, riders Al Lewin, Todd Kyser and Benton Travis blasted off, throwing huge front flip to back flip combos all the way down the lake. For those who had not seen big airs like that before, the hydrofoils did not disappoint. Highlighted with five year old Durham Travis taking the water and showing us all how much fun you can have behind a boat.

Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton brought their ramps and road show to TSR for a day and night show Saturday. Thousands of people lined the alley way, watching Tommy and Jeff throw the sick stuff they’re known for including the rock solid, no handed whip, and double nacs.

Saturday night Tommy Shane Steiner continued his “XS” series filming with an acoustic set under the stars at TSR. Tommy Shane, nominated for 2002 American Music Awards Favorite New Country Music Artist and R&R Magazine’s Breakthrough Artist of Country Music, sang his country music hit “What If She’s An Angel” among other chart climbers on the TSR beach.

The party and festivities continued on Sunday with cable wakeboarding’s first ever 10 Minute Madness Head to Head competition. Six riders loaded the toway at a time, with 10 minutes total to throw their biggest, craziest, wildest stuff for the onlookers positioned all around the lake and on the beaches. It was a crowd pleaser, as huge stuff was being thrown every second as they circled. After two prelim rounds and one final round, Keith Lidberg took home the goods.

Cable Wakeboard 10 Minute Madness Results:
1. Keith Lidberg Orlando, FL
2. Rob Mapp Ft. Lauderdale, FL
3T. Jeff Pollack Ft. Lauderdale, FL
3T. Chris Ramirez McQueeney, TX
5. Donald Shelbrick Ft. Lauderdale, FL
6. Josh Potter New Braunfels, TX

The entire weekend rocked at TSR. The weather was beautiful and the venue was perfect for a side-by-side extreme truck showcase with dirt, water, air and land action sports for all.

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