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Performance's Bowling With the Stars
What do you get when you mix the forty of the world's best wakeboarders, ten Bowling Lanes, and endless pitchers of beer? A helluva lot of fun and a night to remember!

Each year around the time of the Worlds or Nationals (whichever comes to Orlando) Performance hosts its annual "Evening of the Stars" meet and greet for its customers. A virtual who's who of the industry turned up this year on October 1st to show some love to Performance and its customers. Normally after the shop closes, the evening ends. This year things were different. Performance gathered up all their friends and headed south to a local bowling alley for some fun.

Parks, Chad, Grubb, Danny, Ike, Josh, Watkins, Watson, Collin, Kyle, Cobe, Chase, Staker, and so many more lit up the lanes, proving that they have a potential career on the P.B.A. if they choose to hang up their boards. And we are still trying to determine if Daniel Watkins won his trip to Radar from Paul Obrien, if JB has become a closet pro bowler/hustler while living in the northeast, just where did Josh get those shades and did they give him "super powers", and we all agree with Parks' suggestion that the top score gets the next cover/ad in the magazine.

Performance would like to thank all our friends for coming out and having some fun with us. We look forward to doing it again so keep a look out for a Performance Charity Bowlathon to happen in the spring of 2004. With this crew you know it will be ALOT of fun!

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