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Malibu's New Gorilla Fins Produce Monstrous Results
(Merced, CA) - Gorilla Fins were designed for Malibu's powerful line of 2004 V-drive boats. These new monstrous fins plunge deeper into the water beneath the boat and offer double the surface area of normal fins allowing a level of tracking and turning only matched by Direct-Drive boats.

Malibu's Research and Development Team saw an opening for improvement on V-Drive boat handling and resolved to design a new tracking fin to help a V-Drive perform with the agility of a Direct-Drive. Gorilla Fins were created to answer this call.

Made of sturdy Manganese Bronze, Malibu's Gorilla Fins are 120 square inches in area. Compared to the 60 square inches of surface area normal fins offer, Gorilla Fins double the tracking and turning accuracy of Malibu's 2004 V-Drive tow boats.

The shape of Malibu's Gorilla Fins were appropriately inspired by a straight tracking wakeboard fin. The shark fin shape works wonders underneath a board. Malibu designers applied that same characteristic to Gorilla Fins to produce the same result beneath a boat.

These larger, specially shaped fins allow Malibu V-Drives to turn and track twice as well at slower wakeboard speeds. This means a rider cannot pull the boat off its line with a progressive cut to the outside and a slow turn can be executed just as accurately as a high speed turn.

Malibu's new Gorilla Fins are industry first and come standard on all 21-foot and 23-foot V-Drive models.

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