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New Video Company: Pushover Productions
PushOver Productions Press Release

Jarrad Cunningham and Zach Camilleri formed a new Australian video company called Push Over Productions earlier this year. It had been in the pipeline for many months and now it was finally coming together.

The main idea behind forming a production company was to make a film, which they thought would spark up great interest from the ‘extreme sports’ community. Their plan was, and still is, to make the worlds 1st wakeboarding/skateboarding/body boarding/surfing film and still have the crazy antics inspired from such films as the CKY series and the Tension series.

As winter has set in down under the conditions aren’t great for wakeboarding, body boarding or surfing. This means the majority of the filming for the video hasn’t even begun.

We also found that the skaters we know aren’t exactly ‘pro material’. Luckily, local skate shop Daily Grind came to the rescue providing us with some of the best skaters around South Oz.

We are looking for any companies that would be interested in helping us out in anyway possible.

We are also looking for suggestions for the name of the video, e-mail us your suggestion for your chance to win a free copy and to get your name in the credits. Please e-mail to register your interest as a sponsor or tell us what we should name the film for a chance to have your name in the credits and win a free copy.

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