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Malibu's New Wakesetter LSV - A Step Beyond!
Malibu Press Release

(Merced, CA) - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This attitude has never held any water at Malibu Boats and the redesigned 2004 Wakesetter LSV is proof. Malibu Boats went back to the drawing board on the industry's most luxurious big wake performer and pushed it a step beyond design, space and performance.

At first glance the changes in the new Wakesetter LSV are joyfully obvious. The outline of the boat has taken on a sharp, edgy look and stretched to a new length of 23 feet. The Wakesetter LSV's new deck and hull are flooded with waves of gel coat color and completed by a new adaptation of the tribal Wakesetter Series vinyl graphic. This newly resculpted profile is finished by a new postless windshield, complete with a glimmering stainless cap.

The 2004 Wakesetter LSV is unmistakably bigger and more beautiful, but the reconstruction of this wakeboarding powerhouse goes much deeper. This Malibu boat was born to ride. The new V25 Wake Hull was designed to optimize the size and shape of the wake. Wake sport-specific hull design partnered with the industry's only Quad Malibu Launch System (qMLS) gives the 2004 Wakesetter 23 LSV the best wake-making capability of any stock tow boat on the market. Full, this system weighs more than 1250 pounds. Deploy the standard wake-building Wedge and stock wakes-shaping weight jumps to 2250 pounds. Throw in a standard Titan or Swoop tower or upgrade to Malibu's new Illusion X and the Wakesetter LSV offers enough board launching power to pull the pros at the 2003 Malibu Open, so it did.

The big water created behind this boat does not compare to the rough water it was designed to endure. The V25 Wake Hull not only makes the wakes it eats them up. The 2004 Wakesetter LSV measures 23 feet in length with a comfortable 100 inches in beam. The width of the boat and the degree of "V" were carefully calculated, not just to create big wakes, but to slice through them as well. With the help of Malibu's new Gorilla Tracking Fins and power by a 340 horse power Malibu Monsoon engine, the Wakesetter LSV can motor through even the rockiest of water conditions with ease. Gorilla Fins were designed by Malibu to plunge deeper into the water beneath the boat and offer an oversized surface area allowing a level of handling only matched by Direct-Drive boats.

One byproduct of a wider boat is more room for comfort on the inside. The Wakesetter LSV accommodates 14 with the storage to support all of the gear that goes along with that many people. Thoughtful amenities like a 32oz lounge ice chest, removable center table and flip-down oversized drink holders in the rear make the Wakesetter LSV as fun to hang out in as it is to ride behind. Even the driver gets in on the opulence of the Wakesetter LSV. While other are lounging the huge wrap-around seating area or kicking back in the bow, the driver can relax into a lumbar supported captains chair facing a new hand-wrapped two tone dash, with all of the boat's controls just a fingertip away. Malibu's new Issotta steering wheel and throttle knob add to the luxury of the driver's experience and close control of Malibu's new Sony stereo system keeps the peace.

The Wakesetter LSV distinguishes itself among upscale wake sport competitors by mastering the blend of performance and luxury. This model joins 16 other radically revolutionized 2004 Malibus making their way to Malibu showrooms in August.

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