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PREVIEW: Hyperlite Premier 2004
Hyperlite Press Release

When Danny Harf was asked what he wanted to do with his new shape, the answer was more aggressive and explosive. A series designed for the next generation of wakeboarding is the connection between different riding styles and rocker lines for the water's ups and downs.

Back in 2001, we shaped a board that combined the explosiveness and rail ride style of Byerly's line with the freeride feel of Murray's. Born was the Premier. The Premier board went on to become one of our best-selling signature series and Danny progressed as one of the elite riders in wakeboarding with a ride that many consider "not too edgy and not too mellow." After winning the X Games in back-to-back years and understanding every characteristic of his deck, for 2004 he decided to make some changes.
2004 Hyperlite Premier
Danny made his new ride 1.25" wider in the tip/tail for the extra snap off the kicker without sacrificing edge-to-edge response. The Premier now has deeper molded-in fins that are 3" longer. As we went to a wider profile, the new, bigger fins maintain the Premier-style edge into the wake with moderately fast speed. We removed the full-length tunnel in the bottom of this new board for quicker release and more control on rails.


  • 2.5", 2.6", 2.7" Subtle 3-stage rocker. A division between both rocker lines combining speed and an abrubt boot off the wake. Rocker variance reflects 130 cm, 136 cm, 141 cm boards.

  • Deep, step-down rail helps the board hook up harder through the water.

  • Wide tip/tail profile rolls over smooth and stands up higher over the wake for a greater kick.

  • Cupped rails give a slightly more responsive grip into the rail-ride turn.

  • Two 0.8" P-Wing machined aluminum fins designed for a quicker overall release and a moderate feel on the water.

  • Four 1.0" deep molded-in fins similar to the Byerly fins for a style of riding that relies more on the outer rail.

  • Vented channels create a faster feel on the water.

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