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Adkison Wins Final Showdown at TSR
The Final Showdown was the final tournament in the 8 week Showdown at the Ranch grassroot wakeboard tournament series. Over the course of 8 weeks, Showdown at the Ranch hosted an average of 55 wakeboarders and wakeskaters from across the state of Texas every Thursday night from 6 - 9pm. The Final Showdown was the last stop of the series, with riders and pros joining in from the US and Australia, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida, and California.

The first ever head to head format pro tournament turned out to be every bit as exciting as TSR had hoped. Pro riders from all over the country competed for a cash purse of $7000. This new format added an exciting twist for both the spectators and the riders. No one was happier about the double elimination part of the tournament than CWB rider Chris Law. As Chris prepared for the finals he said, "It is great the way I could be dead last after the first day and still be here with a chance to win the whole thing." Chris Law lost in the first round of the tournament early on Saturday. He then began his Ironman trek to the finals. Because of the early loss he had to compete a total of nine times
throughout the weekend. Also because of the double loss format Chris would have had to beat Andrew Adkison twice in a row to win the tournament. Andrew was the finalist from the winners bracket and went into the finals without a single loss. Despite Chirs Law's incredible comeback through the other bracket it turned out to be Andrew's Day. He rode consistent mixing it up with technical inverts, spins, and hitting the new flat bar, but finally put it away with a huge 720 off the double up.

Pro Division
1. Andrew Adkison - Orlando, FL
2. Chris Law - Orlando, FL
3. Zane Schwenk - Winter Haven, FL
4. Chris Ramirez - McQueeney, TX
5. Brett Eisenhauer - Waga Waga, Australia
6. Gabe Lucas - San Marcos, TX
7t. Matt Lockwood - Austin, TX
7t. Joey Arcisz - Dallas, TX
9t. Brad Allen - Austin, TX
9t. Brendan Finley - Austin, TX
9t. Brian Sasser - Dallas, TX
9t. Dustin Swafford - Dallas, TX

1. Kyle Deubner - Houston, TX
2. Jordan Kruse - Austin, TX
3. Gus Schuler - Wisconsin

1. Kyle Reed - San Marcos, TX
2. Dustin Shows - Dallas, TX
3. Jerry Lafferty - San Antonio, TX

1. Chris Ramirez - McQueeney, TX
2. Tony Berard - Louisiana
3. Jerry Lafferty - San Antonio, TX

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