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New Liquid Force Ultracore
Liquid Force has been working on a new way to make wakeboards for the last few years and they are finally ready to unveil the new technology to the wakeboard world. "We have been working on a way to make the boards lighter, and at the same time have a better, more springy flex pattern for a long time" says Tony Finn, Liquid Force founder. Ultracore 133"We found it with the Ultra Core. It's a 100% pure balsa core that has been specially developed for us for use in wakeboards. It's over 2 lbs. lighter then a traditional wakeboard, and outperforms any type of core that has been used before."

The Ultracores will be available in two shapes, the Trip 33.5 and the Trip 38. Liquid Force’s team riders have been an integral part of the testing, and are all super stoked on the boards. Gregg Necrason the #1 test rider says, "Besides the obvious fact that the board is lighter than any other board I've ridden, it rides so much better. I've never actually felt flex like this out of a board before. It's a lot like the snap that you get on a snowboard. It feels a lot different off of the wake because you actually feel the snap off the top of the wake. It's a really cool feeling."

Cody Ramsey, LF's California ripper has been a key part of the testing of the Ultracore, as well. Ultracore 133"I couldn't believe how light the board was. It really rides better than anything I've been on before. I've ridden Honeycomb before, and although it's light, it doesn't really make you ride better. The balsa actually has made me ride better. I've never gone bigger, and at the same time, I've never had such soft landings. It's been hard for me to keep this board a secret. I want to tell everybody."

The Ultracores will be available in only the best wakeboard shops worldwide. Supply will be extremely limited and boards will start shipping July 15th.

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