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TSR Hosts First Annual Final Showdown
TSR press release:

Contact: Jacob Koncak
(830) 627-2843

Event Dates: July 31st & August 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Texas Ski Ranch - New Braunfels, TX

The First Annual Final Showdown at The Ranch for both amateur and
professional riders is coming up fast. The weekend will be kicked off July 31 with the final July Showdown. On Friday riders can hang out, ride and party at TSR.
The pro brackets will be determined and announced Friday evening so no entries
will be accepted after Noon on Friday. The boat lake will be open for pulls all
day, and TSRís cable will be open all day and under the light at night. The Final Showdown head-to-head competition, amateur and wakeskate prelims will
start Saturday, with finals on Sunday. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy a
3 day weekend full of wakeboarding on the cable, riding the private boat lake, hanging out at CocoNutz, beach partying, DJs and a bikini contest.

Pro wakeboarders will compete for a total purse of $6,500 as well as
bragging rights in TSRís head-to-head wakeboarding contest. Riders will compete only against their opponent in that bracket, with the winner moving on to the
next round. Much like the popular NCAA basketball tournament. The only difference is you donít go home after 1 loss. You move to the other bracket and have a chance at still winning the whole competition. (See the attached brackets to
get a better idea.) This format will be both exciting for the riders as well as
fun for the crowd to follow along on the huge bracket posted at TSR. The bracket
will be limited to 48 riders so get your entry in as soon as possible. There
will be 16 byes into the second round. Some of the byes will be awarded to
winners of the pro division in the Thursday night Showdown series that lasts
through the end of July. Riders who have already earned a bye include: Chris
Rameriz (winner week 1 and 4), Dustin Swafford (Week 2), and Jack Scanio
(Week 3). There are 4 byes left to be earned, the others will be determined on Friday August 1st. The remaining spots on the bracket will be drawn at random and
posted at Coconutz Bar & Grill Friday Night for everyone to see. Riders will flip a coin on the dock to see who rides first and second. The riders ride, and almost immediately the crowd will know who advances to the next round. No meeting
behind closed doors, no politics, just the better of the two riders on that set
advances. TSR is excited to host the first tournament of this kind with double elimination and its innovative format.

The amateur divisions: Beginner, Advanced and Wakeskate will be limited to
selective riders depending on their placement in the previous showdowns. These
divisions will be held in a similar format with preliminary and final rounds.
If you won a weekly showdown in any of these divisions you are guaranteed a
spot in the Final Showdown!

For more information and registration, contact
830.627.2843 or log onto

Beginner Wakeboard (Regular Format)
Advanced Wakeboard (Regular Format)
Wakeskate (Regular Format)
Pro Wakeboard (Head to Head Format)

Send Entries To:
Texas Ski Ranch
Attn Jacob Koncak
Showdown at Texas Ski Ranch
6700 IH 35 North
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Entry Fees
(Due by July 23rd to avoid late charge, No entry accepted after Aug 1 by

Pro Division
$120 for Pro Riders who have not riden in a Thursday night showdown
$80 for any rider who has competed in a Thursday night showdown
$30 late fee if received after July 23rd

Amateur Divisions
$30 if entered by July 23rd
$15 late fee if received after July 23rd

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