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The Story Behind WakeUtah
By Tanner Yeates

If every wakeboarder's ideas became reality, the wakeboard industry would be incredible. Utah's wakeboarding is so incredible because of WakeUtah.

A man named Jason Lugo had a simple idea to throw together a Utah Wakeboard Association where kids, teens, and adults can come and learn from the experts how to become a better wakeboarder, ride the latest wakeboards, and ride behind the latest tournament boats. But none of this could have happened without somebody willing to go out and start it all, and without sponsors making it actually happen.

Now every kid in Utah has the potential to go out and become the greatest wakeboarder he or she is capable of becoming. It makes it for those who love the sport able to make it up to the lake more often and learn more about the sport. It makes it possible to meet new people that they share something in common.

WakeUtah is able to throw about 1-2 events every two weeks, and a big vacation trip for all of the members at the end of the season. It makes it possible for every wakeboarder to live the professional dream, to drink free red bull all day, eat chipper beef jerky, win wakeboards, clothing, and many other things.

WakeUtah makes it so that if you are an "out of towner", and you make it in to Utah, you can come and ride with us anytime.

  • For more information on WakeUtah check out their web site or e-mail Tanner Yeates

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