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Ambush Boarding Co. / Stop #1

The Ambush Boarding Co. & 2003 Wakeboard Series got under way on Saturday June 14th with a record 103 riders coming out to compete at Southern Waters Private Lake in Forsyth, GA. The day started at 6:00 am with tunes blasting from the PA system, waking up the wakeboarders that camped the night before. By 7:30 am the site was filled with riders and spectators and by 9:00 am all 7 divisions were filled with competitors from all over the Southeast including NC, SC, KY, TN, AL and GA. 12 and under boys was the first division scheduled to hit the water at 10 am. Unfortunately, during the heat, a hellacious rain storm hit the site from all directions. The riders and spectators scrambled for cover. As time passed, the clouds began to clear and the crowd of more than 500 people came out from their cars and tents to catch all the action. Despite the crazy weather everyone kept a positive attitude.

Around 2 pm the sun came through the clouds. The first half of the tournament was completed and awards for kids, beginners and intermediates were presented. With the sudden break in weather Parks Bonifay and Gregg Necrason set out to amaze the crowd with the halftime show. Parks stomped the biggest 900 off the double up any one had ever seen. The fans went crazy as Parks kept on stepping it up. Hopscotch 5’s, insane Indy Glides and Whirly 5’s were some of the tricks he pulled out of his bag. To complete his session he signaled for a double up and nailed the cleanest double half cab roll right in front of the pavilion for everyone to witness. Everyone was pumped and ready for more. Gregg Necrason was next to ride and stunned us all with his fluid riding abilities. Gregg pulled his huge double grab 180’s and stylish 5’s and 7’s. After the Parks and Necrason show the fans and athletes were fully amped to continue with the tournament.

As 3 pm hit, the Ambush Signature Team Edition Nautique was gassed up and ready to rock once again. Mens advanced got under way with Rhett Whatley taking everyone by surprise. Rhett laid down one of the best runs of the day. In the Advanced Women’s group, Ambush team rider Fiona Narin threw down a run filled with 4 stylish inverts to win her class. With the weather looking promising, the Red Thunder Outlaw Class took to the water with a $250 winner take all prize on the line. Ambush team riders Chase Andrews, Phil Driver, Scott Masey, Brian Plemons, Chris Denney, Tim Pratt, Pat Cash and Mark Ward went to battle with 20 other Southeast rippers. The minute the first rider hit the water everyone’s jaws hit the ground in amazement. The caliber of riding was insane. Corey Bradley seemed to be the man of the hour. Corey was one of the first riders off the dock and set the standard to beat. The riders to follow threw every possible trick from Method Crow Mobe's and 7’s to Petes and 313’s. However, none of the other outlaw riders seemed to touch Corey’s score. The Outlaw Class battle ended with Corey Bradley victorious.

Throughout the day, the crowd was kept refreshed and wired with free Red Bull and tons of giveaways. Many thanks to all our event sponsors, Hyperlite,, Watersports Central, Quikfill Gas Cans, Label Industries, Callaway Blue, Red Thunder, Billabong, Accurate, Red Bull, Fly High, ProTec, O’Neill, Nixon, Reef, SPY and the WWA..

The contest was a total success! We would like to especially thank all the event volunteers and Bill Kerr @ Southern Waters for providing us with his private lake. You guys rock! Nothin’ but love for ya!


12 and under boys
1st Cale Middleton
2nd Chase Cook
3rd Kirk Denning

Mens Beginner
1st Tyler Cambell
2nd Blaine Umbar
3rd Jack Hayes

Womens Beginner
1st Kristen Sheehan
2nd Sandy Nichols
3rd Tiffany Saarela

Mens Intermediate
1st Jarrett Hardgrove
2nd Brandon Lee
3rd Michael Brumbelow

Womens Advanced
1st Fiona Nairn (Ambush Team Rider)
2nd Bonnie Tumman

Mens Advanced
1st Rhett Whatley
2nd Justin Giddens / Tyler Johnson
3rd John Boggs

Red Thunder Outlaw
1st Corey Bradley
2nd Chase Andrews (Ambush Team Rider)
3rd Daneil Tarell

Stop # 2 is coming!
Saturday July 26th at the Ritz Carlton Resort on Lake Oconee.
Brought to you by: Liquid Force, Cassette, Jet Pilot, Straighline, DVS, Spy, Red Bull, Watersports Central,, Label Industries, Callaway Blue, and Red Thunder

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