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Tommy's South Florida Wakeboard Tour Stop #2

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (May 24, 2003) – As competition heats up at the South Florida Wakeboard Tour, the field narrowed in the second of four tour stops as competitors race for the big prize coming on September 20, at the South Florida Wakeboard Championship.

With the Novice Division off the dock at 9:00am, new comer Colton Miller takes first with John Jeffries and Max Granofsky holding on to their first and second place tour standings by making it to the podium.

In the Intermediate Division Wade Kremser, Ryan Conforti, and David Papandreas received prizes for first, second, and third respectively. This Division is up in the air with ties for all three top spots in the tour standings.

It was ladies night with the Women’s Division exploding from three competitors at stop #1 to nine competitors here at stop #2. Barrett Parlman, Jennifer Hettler, and Katie Book took top honors but will need to make up ground to catch tour top seat Summer Seivaggio.

When the Advanced Division took to the water a huge crowd had formed and was cheering them on the whole way. Kevin Wipplinger rode away with first place, which pushed him into a tie for top seat with Victor B Silva in the overall tour standings.

The top spots in the Outlaw Division looked like a repeat of tour stop #1 only Rob Jacques took first pushing Weston Cotton and Mike Brady into second and third place respectively. The battle is still raging between these three for top spot in the tour standings with a difference of only 40 points.

The Open is always the Division for a front row seat and the riders didn’t disappoint us. Rob Map and Tim Clinton put on a show but when the dust cleared Rob Mapp came out on top with Tim Clinton in a close second and Brad Federspiel taking third. Rob Mapp is also at the top of the Open tour standings with Derek Dyer less then 40 points behind with his first place win at tour stop #1.

Weston Cotton took first in the Oakley double-up competition and the top 3 places walked away with an armload of prizes to round off a full day of Wakeboarding.

The sponsors rocked - Hyperlite, MasterCraft, Oakley, Reef, Spy, Dragon, Fly High, Rip Curl, Cobian, Smith, Quiksilver, Screamline, Angel, Roxy, Volcom, Anarchy, Freestyle, Billabong, Electric, and Headhunter. Schumacher Automotive has thrown in their bid as a sponsor and offered up a Hummer Mountainbike worth over $1000 that will given to the overall winner of the Open division.

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  • Tommy's South Florida Wakeboard Tour Pictures Stop #2

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